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50€ to buy makeup: Patricija edition

Our previous 50 Euro challenge video was such a bit hit with our viewers we thought we’d do it again, this time with the lovely Patricija Finster. Let’s see which products she chose and how they worked out.

With a nice early start to the day we’re off to meet Patricija and give her 50 Euros to choose new products. The challenge is to purchase everything we’ll need for the full makeup tutorial, which she’s requested to be a neutral everyday finish, using earthy shades of brown eyeshadows and, of course, good eyebrows.

Patricija didn’t waste any time getting started and as you can see from the video she has a whole range of colours tested out on her hand. It’s always a good idea to try the samples against your own skin - just remember which was which or you’ll have to start all over again!

Step 1: Off we go...

We’ll start by applying Maybelline’s Fit me! all over the eyelids, apply it with the brush and then blend it in with your fingertip. This product works well because it’s quite dry but if you have dry skin it might not be suitable for you.

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Deep set eyes, the upper eyelid pretty much covers the lower, we call this a monolid. With eyelid shapes like this you can pull the middle colour out towards the upper ear.

Pro tip: Take a brush and look at the angle of the line between the nose and the upper part of the ear, this is the direction you should follow to apply a flick.

Using a smaller, more precise brush apply a darker colour to make a sharp line to shape the eye socket but be careful not to go too heavy (like we did here). This technique doesn’t work so well on prominent eyes.
The eyeshadows are a success so far; the colours stay put, the pigmentation is good and the blending is easy to control.

Adding a line of a much lighter shade just below the eyebrows will help to lift them, we’re using a concealer here because Patricija’s selection of eyeshadows didn’t contain a light enough shade.
We’re also adding this same shade to the main part of the eyelid, this keeps the overall look softer and more suitable for day wear.

Step 2: Pale skin

Patricija’s pale complexion means she sometimes struggles to find shades that are a good match for her, but she does have a complexion that can carry off different foundation types; both colder undertones and warmer shades.

Her skin is dehydrated so it’s a little shiney today but the Max Factor Radiant Lift foundation is a perfect choice as it will mix with her natural oils. We’ll then add concealer below the eyes which will help balance her complexion.

Step 3: Back to the eyes

Continue the eyeshadow middle colour below the eyes with a line completely along the lower lid, keeping it close to the lashes. We’ll also add a slightly darker shade here but without carrying it all the way across.
As nice as this colour pallette is, it does lack the lighter complementary shades. We’re adding a fairly neutral shade here across the main part of the lower eyelid.

Step 4: Let’s talk brows

Patricija has naturally very dark, almost black brows and favours a heavier application of pencil. She’s selected a black pencil which we’ll use to just fill in the gaps and not upset the warm tones of eyeshadows.

Pro tip: It can be difficult to work with such dark colours on the eyebrows as they can very quickly look fake so be careful!

Patricija chose to buy her favourite L’Orial mascara, which we’ll apply to her upper and lower lashes.
The brush is quite large and it gives a thicker application which works well on her long eyelashes. Some thick wands work better than others, try out different shapes and brands to find which type works best for your type of lashes.

Step 5: Lipstick that doesn’t stick

Applying lipstick with a brush is not a method that we enjoy, as we always prefer to use a pencil. But, with Patricija’s selection today we can only use a brush. When applying matt lipstick this way you’ll need take it very slow and be very gentle, using a pointed brush will help to achieve a straight finish.

Pro tip: When using a brush to apply lipstick don’t use too much pressure as this will just drag the lips rather than add colour.


Patricija is very happy with her finished look even though she did go slightly over budget (we’ll let her off as it was the last minute addition of chocolate that tipped it over). Overall, her chosen products worked well and for drugstore selections our 50 Euro went a pretty long way. Well done, Patricija, hope to see you again soon!

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Product list


  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
  • Catrice Ultimate Matt Lipstick 090
  • L'Oréal Paris Paradise Extatic Mascara Black
  • Essence Eyebrow Designer pencil
  • Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation 45 Warm Almond
  • Essence Trend Edition Ho! Ho! Ho! pallete