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A classic take on deep set eyes

This is the kind of makeup that makes your blue eye color more vivid without too much fuss. It's simple color theory, really. The shades opposite of blue on the color wheel are orange and red, and they make the blue pop. We'll go with the bolder choice today, so red! You will learn how to implement this color through a classic eyeshadow technique for deep set, upturned eyes.

Step 1

Hopefully this goes without saying, but just in case – prime the lids with a good eyeshadow primer or a mattifying concealer first! With a slightly more pointed brush, apply a matte red eyeshadow (burgundy would work as well) in the outer corner of the upper lid, creating a sort of C-shape. Blend the red shade also lightly along the outer half of the lash line and let it fade into the crease under the brow bone.

Pro tip: Deep set eyes have a naturally defined crease under the brow bone, so make use of that feature and simply let the brush slide into it.

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Step 2

With the same red shade and a flatter, straight-cut brush, line the lower lash line and connect the lower and upper lash lines in the outer corner.

Step 3

What you have now on your lids most likely looks pretty flat, with no depth. (Maybe also a bit scary, depending on how bold you are usually with your eyeshadow shades.) To deepen the color and make things seem more wearable, we're going to follow with a matte chocolate brown shade. With the flat brush from step 2, pick up some product and apply it into the outer corner of the upper lid, intensifying the C-shape from before.

Step 4

Tightly line the lower lash line with the same color.

Step 5

A matte beige should now be blended along the brow bone. If you overdid the red in the crease, this is the part that will make the mistake go away. Just blend lightly over it with the beige shade.

Step 6

Apply the same beige color over the central part of the upper lid, extending it into the inner corner. Make sure the edge between the red and the beige is nicely blended. Putting a light color in the middle of the lid will make the eyes stand out from the shadow of the prominent brow bone.

Step 7

Coat the lashes with your favorite mascara and fill in the eyebrows to finish off the look.

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Products list


  • Dior 5 couleurs eyeshadow palette no. 777 exalt
  • Bourjois Radience Reveal concealer no. 1