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A classy makeup for a classy outfit

So here we are out shopping with Nina in Ljubljana. Nina’s looking for something classic that she can wear for work but also double up for those after-work drinks with friends. We’re on the lookout for something more funky and suitable for the evening.

Zara, Mango and H & M later we’ve chosen the outfits so let’s head back to the studio and get started on the makeup.

Step 1: And we’re off

Lancome eyeliner is first on, so we’re going straight in with a black line to the upper eyelid
and then just a short application to the lower corner.
We’ll finish the upper line with a brush which is best held flat to the skin to smudge it a little
and connect it to the lower line, which will soften the overall look.

Step 2: Jazzing things up

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We’re going for a more subtle smokey eye look here so we’ll start with a dark shade of eyeshadow,then apply a lighter shade to the middle section. For the lower eyelid, gently apply the darker shade over the eye liner that was previously applied.
For the middle section of the eye we’ll add a lighter shade to the whole area.
Then, to jazz things up a bit, we’ll just add a touch of red over the dark shade.
Not too much and just tap it on in an upwards direction. Take the lighter colour again, just sweep the brush under the eye moving across from the corner. This is where the skin is naturally darker so it will brighten things up and help to open the eyes.

Pro tip: Classic smokey eye makeup is best avoided if deep set eyes.

Step 3: Don’t dry out!

We’re using a combo of Zao foundation next, Nina told us she gets quite dry skin on her nose and some foundations can dry the skin out even more. Apply a generous covering to the whole face and then tap over with a damp sponge, this will remove the excess foundation and give an extra little hit of moisture as it is absorbed into the skin.

Step 4: Tap, tap, tap...

Tap on a little concealer under the eyes with your fingertip.This is the best way to apply it as the product melts a little from the warmth of your finger. Finish this off with one of our favourite products; Touche Éclat, applied to the cupids bow, central forehead, nose and under eyes. Again, blend this in with your fingertip with a tapping motion. Applying multiple products can result in dragging otherwise.

Pro tip: As Nina has a slightly purple tint to her complexion a yellow concealer works best to neutralise the tones.

Step 5: Final touches

Next, we’re going to enhance Nina’s great bone structure with some final touches. A few lines of Kiss & Blush across the top of the forehead to bring the shape back, and then follow the natural shadow below the cheekbones to enhance the cheeks.
A little highlighter right onto the cheekbones will round them out beautifully.
As Nina is wearing false lashes we’ll add a fine line of liquid liner close to the lash line instead of applying mascara.
Fill in the brows with a pencil just to darken them a little, we’re mostly concentrating on the outer corner just to give them a lift.
To keep the softer look we’ll apply a light shade of pink to the lips. And just for fun, let’s also experiment with a darker shade.

Before & After

So viewers, over to you. Which of the two looks do you prefer; the softer neutral shades or the bolder black and white?

Product list


  • ZAO Soie De Teint foundation
  • YSL Kiss & Blush no. 12
  • YSL Touche Eclat concealer
  • YSL Blush Volupte no. 8
  • Lancome black kohl eye pencil
  • NYX Matte Liquid Liner
  • MAC Whirl lip pencil
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Chocolate
  • Dior 5 Coleurs 777 Exalt eyeshadow palette
  • Kryolan cream highlighter palette
  • Derma Color D3 concealer
  • Kanebo The Lipstick