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A dark makeup for deep set eyes

Using darker colors on your eyes (and lips) is a typical way of making a statement makeup look for a night out. However, when you have very deep set eyes, it's best to not overdo the product application, since your eyes already look visually darker and smaller due to being positioned very deep under the brow bone. Going to town with black and grey all over the lid definitely won't do your eye shape any favors. The solution? Check the detailed instructions below on how to handle dark colors on very deep set eyes.

Dark eyes

Priming the lids is a must on deep set eyes. It prevents transfer and smudging of the eyeliner/eyeshadow, so invest in a good eye primer. Alternatively, you could tap a bit of thick concealer on the lids and let it set for a minute, topping it with a swipe of translucent setting powder.

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Once the eye makeup base is out of the way, swirl your pointy blending brush in a dark burgundy, shimmery eyeshadow and create a C-shape in the outer corner of the eyes with it: start around the middle of the upper lash line and take the C-shape into the natural eye crease. Fake a cat-eye flick in the corner by using just the burgundy eyeshadow.
Line the outer third of the lower lash line as well, and connect the upper and the lower line in the outer corner.
A simple way of making your eyes appear less deep set I to use an eyeshadow a shade darker than your skin tone on the brow bone. Why a shade darker? Because this way the brow bone won't stand out as much anymore, and in turn, this will balance out the already deep set eyes.
Next, darken the previously created eyeshadow cat-eye flick, but this time go over the burgundy with black gel eyeliner along the upper lash line. Make sure to fill in any colorless spots between the eyelashes, so that the end result is an even, crisp line.
Nude-colored waterproof pencil in the lower waterline will open up the eyes in a very natural way. This is an awesome trick to use in any kind of makeup, especially if your eyes are on the smaller side.
Shape and fill-in the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil or an eyebrow powder, whichever you like best.

Flawless complexion

With dark eyes and dark lips creating such a contrast to light skin, it's best to make the skin appear as flawless as possible. If you have any inflamed spots, this means tapping green corrector on them to neutralize the redness. Apply foundation all over the face with gentle swipes of a foundation brush. If needed, use some extra concealer in the same shade as foundation directly on top of the blemishes that peek through and lightly blend the edges.

Contour the face with contouring powder – under the cheekbones and the top of the forehead. Direct the cheekbone contour towards that space between the nose and lips. Apply some cream blush in dark pink color on the apples of the cheeks, and blend it out by lightly tapping it with your fingers. Tap a bit of highlighting concealer under the eyes to cover the under-eye circles and erase the tiredness.

Burgundy lips

Line the lips with a lip pencil in a rosy shade and apply a dark burgundy shade of lipstick. If you have a steady hand, apply it straight out of the lipstick tube, otherwise, we suggest using a lip brush for precise application. It's kind of vampy, but it totally transforms the look, don't you think? Try it out and let us see the end result in the comments.

Products list


  • MAC Burgundy Times Nine eyeshadow palette
  • Artdeco Most Wanted colour correcting palette
  • NYX Wonder Pencil in light/claire
  • Inglot eyeliner gel in black
  • Lancome Teint Idole Ultra foundation no. 005
  • Kevin Aucoin medium contouring powder
  • Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge Blush in Blushed Rose
  • YSL Dessin Des Soucils no. 5
  • YSL Dessin Des Levres no. 6
  • Catrice Ultimate Matt lipstick no. 040
  • YSL Touche Eclat highlighter no. 2.5
  • Misslyn Beach Please Barbados Babe contouring powder