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A modern twist on 80' style makeup

Blue eyeshadow was all the rage in the 80's, just ask your mom what her favorite shade was back then. These days, earthy tones probably take up the majority of your makeup stash and you save all the wild colors for Halloween. But we like a challenge, so we decided to put a modern twist on the retro, blue eyeshadow look. The result is wearable, fresh, and makes your brown eyes pop. Check out how we made it happen below and let us know when you try it!

Lift me up

Choose a blue eyeshadow. Not just any blue, mind you, but a shade that will immediately make your eye color stand out when you put the eyeshadow right next to it. Hint, hint - Dior's 5 Couleurs palette in 357 Electrify is insanely good and works like a charm on every eye color, if you don't happen to own a cheaper alternative. With a flat brush and the chosen eyeshadow make a sort of softer cat-eye flick, beginning around the middle of the upper lash line the same as you would do if you used an eyeliner.

Pro tip: If your eyes are hooded, like our model's, don't take the eyeshadow into the hooded crease, otherwise the eyeshadow will be partially covered when you open your eyes. Instead just stop right below the crease.

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With the same shade, line also the outer third of the lower lash line and connect it with the cat-eye flick above. Chances are that some of the eyeshadow on the upper lid will transfer into the crease. This is a common problem with hooded eyes, no matter the eye shape, if they are deep set or not. Just take a cotton swab and clean the transfer. After that, the eyeshadow will have set, which means no more mess for you.
Go over the rest of the upper lid with light blue, shimmery turquoise shade, which will bring the eyes forward.
Final touch - lift the eyes even more by visually lifting the brows. Use a white matte fixing powder, apply it on the brow bone and extend it also into the inner corner of the eyes.
Lightly fill in the eyebrows with a brow powder a shade lighter than your natural brow color, so that they won't stand out too much and take the attention away from the eyes.
Pick up the light blue, shimmery turquoise shade from before and line the lower lash line from the inner corner to the middle of the lid. This will make the eyes seem more almond-shaped, as well as brighten them up.

Set the stage

Foundation is like a film soundtrack. It provides a background for the masterpiece you're about to see or, in our case, create. Find the right shade and apply it with a foundation brush all over your face in a thin layer.

Pro tip: The right shade of foundation should match your neck not you hand, your cheek or whatever part of your body you most likely use to test the foundation in the store.

Next, apply a swipe of moisturizing, brightening concealer under your eyes and gently tap it in with your fingers. Go easy with the bronzer, just blend a bit of the product on the top of the forehead and into the hairline. This way you will look as if naturally bronzed by the sun.

Au naturel

To avoid unnecessary drama on the face, we'll go natural on the lips. Line the lips with nude-pink shade of lip liner and put on a similar shade of creamy lipstick.

Pro tip: Use a bit of sheer lip gloss over your lipstick if you find it too drying or too matte in effect.


Products list:


  • Dior 357 Electrify eyeshadow palette
  • Misslyin Make It Last Forever pressed powder
  • L'Oreal True Match foundation in 3D Golden Beige
  • Bourjois Radience Reveal concealer in 02 Beige
  • L'Oreal Brwo Artist Genius Kit eyebrow palette
  • Laura Mercier Bronze Glow stick face colour bronzer
  • MAC Subculture lip pencil
  • Kryolan Lip Stain in Blues
  • Kryolan High Gloss lip gloss
  • L'Oreal False Lash Superstar X Fiber mascara