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A natural look while wearing eyelash extensions? Yes!

Permanent lashes are all the rage right now, but sometimes they are completely unnecessary. Wearing permanent eyelashes on protruding eyes can be especially problematic - your eyes are already placed in a very forward position, but fake long lashes will optically bring the eye even more forward. The lashes are usually curled as well, which means that they end up covering all the eyeshadow.

If you’re over doing your eyeshadow and/or you love the appeal of permanent lashes, here are some tips and tricks that might work for you.

Tip 1: Conceal lightly

Under-eye circles are a nightmare most of us wake up to in the morning. If you have protruding eyes, though, you are in luck. Why, you ask? Your eyes are in a very forward position in the eye socket, which means that the brow bone doesn’t really overshadow your eyes. It’s also unlikely that your bags are sunken in, which is another plus!

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This essentially means that you don’t need as much concealer as everyone else. Apply concealer under the eyes as you usually do, but keep the space directly under the lower lash line free of product.

The space in between is usually a little red, pink, or orange, but applying concealer in this way can make it all look like a natural eyeshadow look (without any actual eyeshadow).

Pro-tip: If you find that concealer creases under your eyes, or looks flaky, try tapping it in with your finger. Sponges and brushes usually work just fine, but applying concealer with a finger warms the product up and makes it melt into your skin seamlessly.

Tip 2: Frame your face

When you don’t wear any eyeshadow, there are 3 things to pay attention to: skin, brows and lips.

Eyebrows frame your face and are really an essential step of any make-up look. For a daily look, pick a pencil or pomade that is a shade or two lighter than your natural hair colour. For night-out looks, you can (and probably should) go bolder.

Use your product of choice to make thin hairline strokes in the direction of the growth of your brow hairs. Keep most of the product on the arch and tail of the brow. Use less pressure in the front part to avoid the “boxy brow” look.

Tip 3: Perfect pout

Lipstick can elevate any make-up look, but it’s important to choose your shade wisely. Not every nude is the right nude for you; not every red fits your skin tone. Research the undertones of your lipsticks and make sure that they match the undertone of your skin.

Once you’ve (carefully) picked your shade, go in with a matching lipliner first. On the outer edges follow your natural lipline, but as you move towards the middle of your lips, start to overline them slightly.

When you overline your lips, it’s generally better to go for a matte finish. If you’re a fan of satin lipsticks, you can still use them, but make sure to focus the product in the middle of your lips and avoid the “obviously overlined” look.

Pro-tip: If you’re unsure where exactly to place your lipliner when you overline, look at your lips in the mirror. You should be able to see a white line right on the edge of your lips - that’s where the light bounces off. To overline, simply put lipliner directly on that white line and you’ll have that perfect pout in no time!


Products list


  • Top Shop contour cream in Sweep
  • Catrice HD Liquid Coverage foundation in Rose Beige
  • Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer in Ivory
  • Misslyn Be My Flamingo Forever blush
  • NYX eyebrow stick in shade Blonde
  • MAC Whirl lip pencil
  • YSL Rouge Pur Coutur lipstick no. 66