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An Alter Ego makeup

Do you find that wild-colored hair suits your personality perfectly but complicates your everyday makeup choices? Whether your hair is pink, blue, green or all the colors of the rainbow, this is the tutorial for you.


The eye makeup will be simple but effective. Take a black kohl pencil and draw a thick line just above the upper lash line (without extending it up to the crease!). If you have protruding eyes, like our model, chances are that there will be some color transfer into the crease when you blink. To prevent that from happening take a blending brush and blend the line with small, downwards strokes. Zero smudging guaranteed! If you want to lift the eyes a bit more, you can smoke out the outer corner up to the crease and create a sort of smokey cat-eye flick.
Colorful shades on the eyes can be tricky when your hair is already dominating the scene. To form a harmonious whole, neutral colors are the way to go. Our model has cool-toned skin, so we chose a cool-toned, taupe eyeshadow with shimmer.
Blended it over the upper lid, as well as on the outer third of the lower lid.
With a lighter hand, take the same shade also along the rest of the lower lid.
Fill in the eyebrows – some like them thicker (or should we say more Instagrammable?), some prefer a more natural look. Either way, do what makes you feel good.
Apply a few coats of mascara on the lower lashes first, and then for an extra wow effect, take a pair of wispy fake eyelashes and stick them above the upper lash line. Glue them on from outer to inner corner very carefully and pay attention to the outer edges, so they aren't sticking out.


Foundation of choice for this tutorial is L’Oréal’s True Match foundation, which has an amazing finish. Smooth it all over the face with gentle strokes of the foundation brush. Next, a concealer is in order to erase the dark under-eye circles, so tap it on lightly with your fingers. Makeup Revolution has a great contouring powder palette in their product range (Revolution Ultra Contour palette), but you can totally use something similar from your own makeup bag. Take an angled brush and lightly contour the cheekbones. Cheeks that look like they’re naturally flushed from the cold work best for this look. We used the best there is on the market – YSL Blush Volupte – to create perfectly glowy, sculpted cheeks.

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As for the lips, we'll stay in line with the main theme of our look, which is complimentary neutral to accentuate the bright hair. Take a nude-colored lip pencil and line the lips. A nude lip pencil is a must in every makeup bag because it makes the lipstick last longer and you can also change your lip shape with it. Kryolan's Faceliner in no. 36 is the one used in the tutorial, if you're wondering. A bright red lipstick can quickly be too much when you have a vivid hair color, so we suggest you stick to more neutral shades of lipstick. We used a baby pink shade in the tutorial because it's cool-toned and works with our model's coloring.

Products list


  • Yves Saint Laurent Dessin Du Regard in no. 1
  • ZOEVA Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette
  • L'Oreal True Match foundation in Rose Vanilla
  • Revolution Focus and Fix liquid concealer in 02 fair
  • Sleek eyebrow pencil in 718 dark
  • L'Oreal False Lash Superstar X fiber mascara in black
  • Depend Cosmetic Artificial eyelashes Rebecka
  • Revolution Ultra Contour palette
  • Yves Saint Laurent Blush Volupte in no. 4
  • Kryoline Faceliner lip pencil in no. 36
  • Sensai Kanebo The Lipstick in baby pink
  • Kryolan eyebrow powder palette