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“Are my eyes downturned?”

"Are my eyes downturned?" is probably one of the most asked questions around this part of the internet, so we figured it would be helpful to create a short, informative post about it. There are 3 checkpoints you can go through to find out if your eyes are downturned.

Outer corner vs inner corner

The position of the outer and inner corners is the first checkpoint. Draw an imaginary horizontal line through these two points.

If the line becomes slanted upwards at the outer corner, your eyes are not downturned.

If the line is slanted downwards, your eyes are downturned.

If the line is nicely horizontal, there are two options – either your eyes are not downturned and you can go search for some other tutorial that's more suited to your eye shape or, if still in doubt, proceed to checkpoint 2.

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Outer third of the upper lid

The second checkpoint will turn your attention to the outer third of the upper lid. Is the lash line on that part pointing downwards? Does your eye seem droopy if you attempt a dark smokey eye?
If you answered yes to the questions above, then your eyes are most likely downturned.

Draw a line

As for the final checkpoint, there's a little drawing test involved. Draw a line with a dark eyeshadow or a kohl pencil along the lower lash line, from the inner to the outer corner. Did it make you look like a sad puppy?
If it did, then there is no doubt anymore, your eyes are definitely downturned.

Keep in mind that downturned eyes are just an eye shape like any other, and there are thousands of different makeup looks that can look insanely good on precisely such eye shape.

Many of those looks are (and will be) available on AdviseMyStyle, so start exploring!