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Blushing your cheeks if you have an angled chin

A defined jawline is a beautiful face feature which accents the symmetry on your face, but if you’re going for a softer look, that definition can sometimes get in the way. Here’s how to embrace your features and make them work for you!

Step 1: Study your face

An angled jawline tends to make the cheeks look round and lifted, which ultimately makes the face look younger. Look at your features in the mirror and study the balance in your face - this will help you understand why certain products are applied in certain places.

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Pro-tip: When you “study” your features, it’s best to make use of natural lighting. Natural light is the easiest way to see where highlights and shadows fall on your face, which makes applying foundation, contour and highlight much more logical.

Step 2: Blush away

Now that you’ve created a mind map of your face, you can move on to the fun part.

If you’re going for a natural look, remember to let your skin breathe. Foundation should be applied in thin layers and not slathered on like paint. Keep in mind that unless you’re a painter, starting off with “a blank canvas” doesn’t really make any sense. Don’t be afraid of your skin showing through - it’s all about making your own features stand out, so why paint somebody else’s face on top of yours?

As far as blush goes, find the most prominent part of your cheekbone (that’s usually the spot where you put your highlighter). Lightly sweep some blush over that specific area and let the cheeks take the spotlight. Using this technique will optically soften your bone structure and balance out your defined jawline.

Pro-tip: We can’t repeat this enough: pick a blush that complements your eyes and skin tone. If you want to look effortlessly natural, this is definitely the way to go.

Extra step: Take care of your skin

This is a step that we all skip sometimes, but we probably shouldn’t. No matter what kind of make up you want to pull off, flawless skin always helps. Find a routine that fits your own needs, but remember to include the three main steps: clean, tone and moisturize. And remember, be consistent.

P. S.: Consistency pays off. When your skin is properly moisturized, make-up application becomes muuuch smoother and faster.