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How to bring out your deep-set eyes

If you’ve ever felt like your eyes disappear in the shadow of your brow bone you probably have deep-set eyes. Contrary to popular belief, this is totally not that big of a deal. You just need a few tricks up your sleeve to bring your eyes more forward - and we’re about to reveal all of them.

Glitter time

Anything glittery or shimmery will attract light, so if you apply a shimmery or glittery eyeshadow all over your lid and the inner corner, your eyes will naturally look bigger and brighter. This also creates an optical illusion that your eyes are more forward than they actually are, which is what you probably want to achieve.

Pro-tip: Start off with a cream based shimmery eyeshadow and set it with a similarly shiny powder eyeshadow. This will prevent creasing, increase staying power and make the colour pay-off much more intense.

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Add drama

If your eyes are deep-set, it’s very likely that when you apply eyeliner it will transfer to the upper lid. One way of tackling this problem is to apply a shimmery eyeliner. Try a blue eyeliner for blue eyes, or gold eyeliner for brown or green-ish eyes. Even if the liner transfers, it will still reflect light - much like the shimmery eyeshadow that’s already on your lid – and it won’t ruin your makeup, or your day.

Do-it-yourself eyelift

Deep-set eyes sometimes tend to look a bit tired, but you can easily make that go away. Apply a brown kohl liner in your waterline. Keep the product on the outer third if you want to look like you actually slept last night.

Pro-tip: Applying a nude kohl eyeliner can really open up your eyes - try it with a daily look.

Rock your brows

With deep-set eyes, eyebrows can be really tricky because they’re the ones creating the drop shadow over your eyes. One way of fixing this quickly is to simply apply a matte white or nude eyeshadow just under the arch of your brow. This will lift your eye and brow at the same time. Two birds, one stone.

Pro-tip: With a night look you can afford to really go to town with your brows - make them slightly darker and more angled for a more dramatic look.

Flawless foundation

If you’re planning a night out and want your skin to look flawless, you’re going to have to do some homework. There is an obvious downside to wearing a lot of foundation - it can really dry out your skin. The best way to combat this is to treat yourself with lots of moisturizer before applying foundation – maybe even a hydrating mask the day before and after.

Conceal to reveal your eyes

Deep-set eyes just want to come forward and show themselves in all their beauty. Another neat little trick, which helps do this, involves a thin layer of concealer. Pick a shade that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. Then apply the product under the eyes in a triangular shape and blend well. With a night-out look you can even overdo it a bit, but during the day keep it light and avoid the famous cakey look.

Pro-tip: If you feel like one thin layer of concealer doesn’t give you enough coverage, apply another thin layer. The key to avoiding cakiness is working in thin layers, blending each first before applying another.

Edgy lips

Red lipstick is a classic, but to really look like a rockstar you should go for a darker shade. Star with a plum or dark burgundy red liner and make your Cupid’s bow slightly more angular than you would usually. This will give it the edgy, sharp look you’re going for. In contrast, lining your Cupid’s bow in a less angular manner will make the look softer and more professional.

Pro-tip: Pick your red lipstick with your skin undertone in mind. For a cold undertone, go for blue-based reds. Warm undertones work well with warmer shades of red that tend to have an orange tint to them. Cold with cold, warm with warm – makes perfect sense.