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Contouring a prominent forehead

So you have a wide, high and/or prominent forehead, but have no idea how to make it smaller and more proportionate? We’re here to help you out with some tips that make contouring a breeze.

Step 1: Pick the right product

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of available products, but the selection can actually be narrowed down pretty easily. First, know your skin type. Oily skin usually doesn’t work well with cream products; they tend to over moisturize the skin and create more oil. Use powder-based products instead to keep your oils in check. Dry skin is obviously the exact opposite of oily skin, so cream products can really help you get that natural glow without the cake-up look. With a normal skin type you can mix and match.

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Another thing to pay attention to is the undertone of your contour. Cool and neutral undertones tend to work for a lot of skin tones and are best for creating a more natural look. If you have a warm undertone and want a summery vibe, you can pull off a warm-toned contour.

Pro-tip: Pick a matte contour product. Contouring is meant to mimic the shadows that would fall on your face naturally, so a matte product is a logical decision. Anything with shimmer or glitter will catch light and create the opposite effect.

Step 2: Get the placement right

When it comes to contouring, placement is crucial. If the contour is placed too high or too low, the whole look can turn into a mess — and there’s no way back. To avoid the mess, remember this simple “rule”.

Start your contour as close to the hairline as you can, then brush over your temples. Move on to cheeks and finish with a light touch of product under your jawline. Think of it as if you’re drawing a (backwards) number 3 on your face. Once you got that down, you can start perfecting your technique.

To reduce the size of a large wide and/or high forehead, simply apply your contour right below your hairline and bring it down on the forehead slightly to shorten the face. Don’t forget to blend it all into your hairline, as that will create a more natural shadow. To make the face more narrow and proportional, finish off with a light brush of contour on your temples as well.

Pro-tip: Apply your (powder) contour with a fluffy angled brush. Dip into the product lightly and shake off the excess to avoid a contour disaster (less product means less room for mistakes). Place your brush first where you want most pigment to be, then start to blend it out towards the center of your face with less product on your brush. Et voilà, you’re good to go.