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Contouring an angled jawline

Angled jawline typically comes in a package deal with rounder cheeks or simply more prominent cheekbones. Different face features require different makeup approaches, so the way you contour an angled jawline face definitely isn't the same as with a round or square jawline. If you want to look glamorous, this is how you do the basic contour.

The main movement takes place under the cheekbone and is pointed towards the corner of the mouth. If you've never contoured before, feel the position of your cheekbones with your fingers. That's right, you should know your facial structure in order to make the best of it.

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Under those cheekbones of yours is where you apply a cream contouring product with a foundation brush. You can do a subtler contour by contouring before foundation application, or you can really go all in and make those cheeks pop by applying the product after putting on the foundation (like we did in the video tutorial).
Blend the product well into the hairline, so that there are no visible edges – just a natural-looking shadow under the cheekbones.

This will make you look sophisticated and will slightly emphasize your prominent features, so it is maybe more appropriate for a night-out look. But you know what we always say – do what makes you feel and look good!

Product list

  • Ben Nye Media Pro SK-3 shadow wheel