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Contouring when you have a pointed chin

At AdviseMyStyle we aim to make your life easier, so we have prepared a series of short, clear-cut tutorials on how to tailor your makeup application according to YOUR features. In this one, learn how to properly contour your face if you have a pointed chin and wide forehead. Find the explanation and illustrations below!

The background

Many of you have probably tried to squeeze your face shape in one of these categories: heart-shaped, diamond-shaped, round-shaped, etc., based on advice from different tutorials available over the internet. For the purpose of improving your makeup application, we prefer a simpler approach in which we focus on two features only: the shape of your forehead and your chin. The goal is - usually - to balance out these features with the help of the so-called corrective makeup approach. Contouring the cheekbones can easily be the only thing needed to accomplish this, so this is what we did. (Remember, less is more!)

Alt text

The problem

Our model in the tutorial has a pointed chin and a wide forehead. The generic tutorials out there are instructing you to contour under your cheekbones, which means you need to find the hollow part under the most prominent part of your cheeks and contour along that line in the direction of your mouth. Inevitably, this makes a pointed chin look even sharper. This may well be suited for a strong night-out look, but to soften and balance out features like that we need a new direction – literally.

The solution

Instead of blending the contour towards your mouth, change the direction a bit and contour towards the tip of your nose. The contour will look shorter if you look at it from the side, since you won't be following the natural angle of your cheekbones. From the front, your chin and forehead will appear much more balanced and your features softer.

Last piece of advice: Don't forget to blend the edges of the contour seamlessly into the skin/hairline!