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Contouring wider foreheads

You can turn prominent features into a statement look, or you can "correct" them – both options are possible through a skilled use of makeup. We'll explain the corrective type of makeup in this tutorial, more specifically, you will learn how to contour a wide forehead to make it seem rounder, smaller.

What it looks like

A forehead looks wide if the outer corners have thinned out hair, making the hairline look angled. So what you want to do in such case is rounding the forehead visually through the use of the right contouring technique and product.

How to correct it

Cream contouring products usually work best for this type of contouring, because they are easier to blend into the hairline. Powder products tend to stick on those pesky baby hairs on the hairline. However, oilier types might prefer powder products and drier skin types might go for cream ones - it's a matter of trial and error, really. See what works best for you and stick to it.

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Taking in the sides of the forehead is the main goal here. With a foundation brush apply the chosen contouring product along the sides of the forehead, down to the temples, rounding those angled outer corners on top. Blend the product well into the hairline, especially into the parts where the hair is sparse in the corners. Take the remaining product also lightly along the top of the forehead, but make sure that the focus is on the sides.

What you get

A natural-looking contour is the end result. No flashy products, no Kardashian-esque, heavy contour - it's that easy.