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Cream concealer and blush for contouring?

Contouring has become quite the thing in recent years and we’re seeing chiseled cheekbones all over Instagram, but they’re not for everyone. Contouring techniques that subtly re-shape and give a more natural finish are well worth mastering.

Step 1: A different perspective

From a front view, the height of the forehead is less obvious but if we look from the side we can notice the length and also how the hairline shapes the face. From this angle it’s also more obvious how the sun has already given a natural contour with the slight difference of skin shades.

So, really we just need to push from centre of the hairline down the forehead to just above half way. We can use a concealer or cream contour here.
Around the sides, we don’t need to go the whole way around, just dip slightly to curve and shape, which will make the forehead appear shorter.

Step 2: It’s all in the angle

The contour should begin back at the hairline, just in front of the middle of the ears.
Many women start at this point but then contour down towards the mouth but this sharp angle can be very severe and we don’t want the face to look too V-shaped.

Alt text

What we’ll do here is go from the base of the upper cheekbone where it’s most prominent. Apply slightly beneath the cheek and then using a soft brush blend down in the direction of the nose. Next, blend upwards with a sweeping motion to give a more subtle, natural finish. Be careful not to go to low where the cheek begins to hollow.
We’ve gone in heavy here to demonstrate the technique but once a foundation has been applied it will be well disguised but still working its magic.

Pro tip: The natural shape of the cheekbone goes down towards the mouth but unless you want that razor-sharp look then aim just below the nose.

Step 3: Final touches

We’re going to go over it with a pink blush, which when applied over the brown contour will give a slightly pinky-orange finish.
Once the foundation has been applied you can see how the whole look is softened and Denise’s natural bone structure has been enhanced beautifully.

Before & After

Voila, what do you think?

Product list


  • Ben Nye SK-3 Shadow Wheel
  • YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush no. 2