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Deep Set Eyes Makeup Tutorial That Will Spice Up Your Night Out Makeup Routine

You guys have been requesting this, so here it is – night out makeup for deep set eyes.


Apply primer on the upper lid AND on the under-eye area. This will fill the little wrinkles and the foundation or concealer won't crease.

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Butterfly Wings

The blending technique is crucial here: use a black kohl pencil to line the upper lid (right above the lash line) and finish with a flick at the natural eye crease.
Then blend this flick with downward strokes first, towards the lash line, so that you don't make a mess and unnecessarily elongate the flick over the crease. After that you start creating “butterfly wings”, as I like to call it, which basically means that you blend from the edge of the flick towards the brow bone, staying in the crease all the time. You should see a sort of C shape take form when you angle the flick in the outer corner of the eye.

Sparkle For The Win

Pick a purplish eyeshadow shade and go over the bits covered in pencil to intensify them.
Focus on the crease area, on that C shape, and apply it also under the lower lash line (just to the middle of the lower lid).
Bring the eyes forward with a sparkly silvery eyeshadow applied all over the upper lid and in the inner corner of the eyes.
Deep set eyes can really benefit from a bit of shimmer, because the main goal for such eye structure is to visually bring forward the lid and push back the brow bone to balance everything out. Apply eyeliner to create a cat flick, which by the way is perfect for deep set eyes, and use some mascara on your lashes.

Contour From Within

After the eyes are finished, start with some Kim K contouring. JUST KIDDING – stay natural, girls. The point of the contour is to give some depth to your existing features, not to create a brand new face. Start by smoothing primer all over your face to get a nice and even base. Then use a cream contouring product where the natural shadows of the face are already visible – typically on top of the forehead and under the cheekbones – and blend it out very well. This is the so called contouring from within, because it creates more depth than just generic contouring with powder products. Now apply the foundation with gentle brush strokes. Fill in the brows, preferably with a powder product if the brows are very sparse, because the wax pencils can create a look that's not very natural.
Line the lips (slightly over the edge, a millimeter at the most!). To accentuate the contour even more, I went over the areas I already contoured “from within” with Kevyn Aucoin contouring powder. Don't go too heavy on the cheeks, so it will still look as if you were naturally kissed by sun. Lightly tap some concealer under the eyes, if needed. Tap a little highlighting cream on top of the cheeks. Use a natural brownish shade of lipstick on the lips to finish the look.

Last step: admire your makeup every time you use a bathroom during your night out. You’re welcome!