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Easily recognizing prominent eyes

Let’s take a closer look at prominent, protruding, or some even say “bulging” (not the most flattering description) eyes, but what defines them? Gaja has kindly allowed us a very close look at hers.

Typically, they are the eye type that has the most visible eyelid. They protrude from the eye socket. They’re not flat or hidden in the back of the eye socket but they’re round.
If you try to do cut-crease makeup and haven’t managed to make it work then you probably have prominent eyes.

Let’s look at the side profile. We can see better from this angle just how the eye protrudes. The upper part of the lid overlaps the lower part and how the eye is curved.
Makeup really shows on prominent eyes. You see a lot of lid to work with and everything is on show.

Alt text

The best indicator to prominent eyes is checking if the upper lid overlaps the lower lid. When your eyes are open is the lower lid covered by the upper lid?
We’re not looking at eyes here as being hooded, almond or downturned, they are just features. This is all about the shape.

We’ve prepared a short compilation of examples to give you another look. Try comparing them to your own, do you see a similarity to any of our girls? If so, then you have prominent eyes. Lucky you!