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Eye makeup on wide set eyes

Do you avoid using colourful makeup because you have wide set eyes? Do you wish you had the know-how to pull off that smokey-eyes look? Follow the tips and tricks for applying makeup to wide set eyes.

Wide set eyes

In this post we’re going to look at wide set eyes and how we can use certain techniques to give them a different appearance. Applying different shades of eye shadow can really change the eye shape and your overall look.

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Dos and Don’ts

So, many people say that the eye-flick shouldn’t be used on wide set eyes because it pulls the eyes even further apart. Whilst this may be true for a thick, dark flick, if used in a softer way, (we’re demonstrating with blue here so it’s more obvious), it can actually enhance the eyes and begin to lift them.


Smokey eyes have been a popular favourite for some time now, this is a look that works particularly well with wide set eyes because it pulls the eyes closer together.
Adding a little darker eye shadow to the outside lower part of the eye will also lift the eye into more of an almond shape, which in turn, will begin to lift the cheeks.

Tricks of the Trade

A popular technique used in fashion tutorials is to apply a dark eye shadow close to the nose, which will help to bring the eyes together. Be careful with this though because it only works at certain angles and the look can appear a little freakish outside of still photographs. But, if you’re looking to take some stunning selfies then this is a technique worth playing around with… wide_set_3
Just remember to remove it and apply something a little severe before you greet the outside world again.