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Eyeliner on round eyes

When you know how to properly apply an eyeliner for your eye shape, you basically have half your makeup done already. Creating a perfect cat-eye flick is, unfortunately, a tough cookie to crack, especially for certain eye shapes. You probably feel like your current eyeliner technique (or the lack of it) is something you wish to improve, seeing that you've ended up here. Now if your eyes are round, then this tutorial will be the only eyeliner tutorial you'll ever need.

Recognizing round eyes

Round eyes are curved from top to bottom, and from left to right. There's some white visible between the top and/or bottom of your iris and the upper/lower lid. If you have round eyes, you might have heard compliments that you look cute, wide awake, doe-like, innocent, etc. Round eyes are often big, with lots of lid space available which is awesome for makeup creations. They can actually handle quite a lot of makeup, which is also great if you're into more intense looks.


…is the key word for you to remember when using eyeliner on round eyes. The best way to balance your eye shape and give the illusion of length to your eyes is by winging the eyeliner, or in other words, creating a cat-eye flick.

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Start by applying a black gel eyeliner from the inner corner tightly along the upper lash line, thickening the line towards the outer corner. Finish with a flick extended slightly over your natural crease and turned outwards, not upwards, to really elongate the eye. The flick can be thicker, so don't be afraid to color in any colorless patches in the outer corner.
Precisely line also the outer quarter/third of the lower lash line with the same eyeliner and connect the two lines in the outer corner. Go in with a black kohl pencil (preferably waterproof) and draw in the lower waterline from inner to outer corner, filling it completely.
By framing the eyes, both on the lower and upper lash lines, you elongate your eye shape, essentially making your eyes seem more almond-shaped.