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Eyeliner trick for small hooded eyes

Having hooded eyes seems to be an end-of-the-world situation - this eye shape is notoriously prone to product transfer and creasing while applying eyeliner is just a living nightmare. But there is still hope - you can totally get the popular liner look by following a few simple steps.

Make space

Before you start applying any make-up, pluck your brows to create more space between the lashes and the brows. This will create an illusion of a more lifted eye and will up your makeup game instantly - no products required.

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(It’s all in) precise placement

Eyeliner has always been problematic to apply on hooded eyes because the crease folds over at the outer corner of the eye. This essentially means that if you apply a regular cat eyeliner, the line won’t even be visible, or more likely, it will look crooked and just not right.

But even for hooded eyes, there is a simple trick to get that perfect flick. Apply the liner as close to the lash line as possible, but don’t pull it outwards too much. With an open eye, apply the liner only up to the point where the crease folds over and drag the product inwards first.

Then use a flat blending brush and blend the liner only slightly outwards. Try out how the liner looks when you smile, and if it’s not perfect (yet), remember that practice makes perfect.

Pro-tip: Keep the line dainty and thin to avoid the crooked look. Eye primers can also do a lot for hooded eyes, especially when it comes to product transfer and creasing. Always set the primer with a neutral eyeshadow, then work with other products on top.

Small and hooded?

Many women with eyes that are both hooded and small think that they drew the shortest straw possible. But there is always a bright side and so naturally, there is an easy and effortless trick you can use. Simply apply a dark eyeshadow or a kohl liner to the lower lashline and blend. But remember this rule of thumb - if you want your eyes to be optically bigger, don’t try to connect the lower lashline to the liner on the upper lashline. Leaving the space in the outer corner open won’t close up the eye as much, and in turn you are guaranteed to look more alive and awake.

Pro-tip: Avoid applying dark kohl liners directly into your waterline - you’re taking away precious space and making the eyes even smaller, which is probably the opposite of what you want. Opt for a beige kohl liner instead.

Add a pop of colour

Makeup is meant to be fun and colourful, but we’re often too afraid to reach for that bright shade of pink. But bright colours can make a look coherent and playful at the same time - you just have to choose the right combination. You might have heard this before, but complementary colours work amazingly together - so green eyes or brown eyes with green undertones look brighter if you apply some pink, while brown eyes with orange undertones work well with bluish purples. Try adding a pop of colour to your lower lash line and channel your inner superwoman.

Bat a lash

In general, curling your lashes with a medieval torture device (= eyelash curler) can open up the eye quite significantly. This especially works with small hooded eyes, where taking advantage of every little bit of extra space is essential. After curling the lashes, start applying mascara on the outer corner first and try to get product on every baby lash you can find. Finish off the look by applying mascara to the rest of your lashes.

Pro-tip: Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle the mascara into the lashes. That way they will look more dense and fluttery than ever, but never clumpy or spidery.

Bold brows

If you want to draw attention away from the hooded outer corner of the eye, go for bolder brows. Concentrate you brow product on the inner part of the brows instead of focusing it all on the arch. Keep a steady pressure on the arch and the inner part of the brow to get the bold look.

All about that base

Admittedly, making makeup look natural is a challenge - but it is completely achievable. For a coherent and well-blended look, apply all your cream contour products first and then go over with a thin layer of foundation. If you need more coverage, build it up in thin layers only in the places where you actually need it. The less product you use, the more grateful your skin will be.

Pro-tip: If you’re using powder products for your contour, blush and highlighter, start with a cream-based foundation. Set it with a light layer of translucent powder and blend other products on top. That way the creamy foundation underneath won’t move, and your contour won’t look patchy.