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Filling eyebrows on wide set eyes

Eyebrows are a crucial part of any make-up look because they frame your face and make you look “put together”, if you will. There are many ways you can do your brows, but today we’ll be focusing on brows that are set far apart, which usually comes along with wide-set eyes.

What does “wide-set” even mean?

Wide-set eyes are eyes that have a larger than average distance between them. It’s as simple as that. The objective here is to use corrective make-up to bring the eyes closer together and make the face look more proportionate.

Tip 1: Start at the beginning

So you have no eyebrow hairs in the beginning of your brow and they’re refusing to grow (back)? Here’s how to regrow your brows in under a minute.

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Start applying product where your brow is, quite literally, missing. Make sure to use hair-like motions and make your brush work for you. Mimicking small hair strokes will result in a more natural look, but make sure that your brush is thin enough to make those fine strokes possible.

Pro-tip: To avoid a boxy brow look, blend the product into your brow with a spooly. That should make the pigment less intense and take away any product that has bunched up in the brow.


Tip 2: Fill the gaps

Once you’re done perfecting the front part of the brow, lightly fill in all the other gaps. Put a light layer of product over areas of the brow where your skin shows through.

To bring the eyes and eyebrows closer, keep most of the pigment in the beginning of the brow, and fade it out towards the tail of the brow with less product on the brush.

Tip 3: Pick a cool or neutral shade

To get the perfect brow, you also have to pick the right shade and formula of your product. First find out what kind of formula works for you - pressed powder products can help you get a softer look, while pomades and brow gels are much more pigmented and should be used with a light hand. You can also go for a brow pencil with a spooly on the other end and kill two birds with one stone.

Second, pick a shade that fits your skin tone. If your undertones are warm, then you can totally pull off a warm-based brow. Neutral undertones tend to work for everyone, which makes them the most universal pick. With a cool skin undertone, go for cool shades of brown or blonde (or whatever your hair color).

Pro-tip: The shade you choose should also be slightly darker than your natural hair colour. If your hair is blue, though, you should try working blue eyebrows. The point is, play with make-up and don’t worry about it too much - it comes off at the end of the day and you can try again tomorrow.