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Funny makeup dos and don'ts

With the season of ho ho ho's and shimmery, colorful makeup looks still fresh in your memory, are you planning on trying that same shimmery eyeshadow palette for your next night out? Do you have a bright-colored pigment hidden somewhere in your makeup stash that you want to take for a test drive for a wild party with your BFFs? If you answered yes at least once, read on. If not, read on nonetheless, because we'll reveal the most common festive makeup mistakes and how to avoid them. It's education time!

Show your makeup some love

You're late and you're trying to do as much makeup as possible in 5 minutes. So you dig into that eyeshadow palette like your life depends on it, carelessly scattering a dust of color all over the palette. Doooon't! Not only will the other shades become a mix of colors, but the individual shades will become much more likely to break, since your digging moves basically cut them in half. Show your makeup some love instead! Take that brush and gently swirl it in the eyeshadow, lightly tapping off the excess away from the palette.

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Christmas tree lookalike?

We know it was Christmas just a few days ago, but is all that dazzling glitter over your nose, cheeks and chin really necessary? Shimmer is the herpes of makeup – you can't get it off once it's scattered over your face. To avoid becoming a walking glitter factory, mix the shimmery eyeshadow you want to use with a bit of makeup fixing spray before application.

Pro tip: Fold a couple sheets of toilet paper and place it below your eyes when you're applying shimmer. Just hold it there with one hand so it will catch the fallout. No cleanup needed!


You're not doing yourself any favors with that slapdash, messy eyeshadow application. You'll either need more time for cleaning up the fallout, or you'll lose nerves over caked up eyeshadow and unnecessary touchups. To help you, we're introducing the move of the year – tap'n'drag! It is as simple as the name suggests. You lightly dip a flat eye brush into the eyeshadow of your choice and then you do a tap-and-drag motion with it over your eyelids. Repeat if more color is needed. This technique is especially crucial for shimmery shades and colorful pigments, as it minimizes the fallout and lets you have more control over the application process.

Bake the cake ...

...not your face. Unless you're very young and have perfect skin, don't do the baking technique under your eyes. Sure it's a somewhat easy way to clean off shimmer dust and highlight the area, but it can also emphasize fine lines and imperfections like crazy. Not to mention it looks totally unnatural due to very high coverage. Baking the cake instead is the solution here, guys! ?