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Glamorous vs. playful lips

Today it’s all about the lips, and as soon as we can compose ourselves we’ll get started.

Different lip shapes can really change your appearance. In this tutorial we’re going to match Maša’s straight hair with a curved lip shape, and then switch it up and combine curly hair with a sharper, more angled lip shape.

Step 1: Abracadabra

Make up on, voila. So let’s start drawing with the liner to the outer edge of the bottom lip. Keep the colour on the inside of the lip, this way we can pull the lip shape out with a more curved line. For the upper lip, follow the natural line and just round out the cupid’s bow - which can be a little ticklish!
Depending on your lip shape you can go over the edge to really enhance the shape.

Step 2: Rewind

Alt text

The real shape of the angled style comes from across the cupid’s bow. If you can draw a sharper angle here you’ll really begin to see what a difference your lips can make. From the points of the cupid’s bow keep the line straight and draw right down into the corners of the mouth.
The lower lip shape can be changed by starting the line inside the natural shape, this will also give a more bubbly, fun appearance that can soften the angles on the upper lip.

Pro tip: A concealer can be used in the corners of the lower lip to accentuate the middle section. Be careful though, overdoing this can give an unnatural looking finish.

Which look do you prefer; the fuller, rounded shape bringing a touch of Hollywood glamour or the sassy angled shape?