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Grown Up Girl's Makeup Tutorial

Shoutout to all the grownup girls who've been following me for ages and passionately support my work. This one's for you!


Let's start with some contouring to emphasize your lovely features. Take something thicker in texture, like a concealer (a few shades darker than your skintone) or a creamy contouring pallette, and use very little – the creamy texture means that you can use much less. On mature skin contouring from within really pays off! Shade the top of the forhead and under the cheekbones, both times blending everything seamlessly into to hairline. Blending is so important, not just for contour but with foundation, too!

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The contour we just did will serve to give depth to your face from within. Apply a natural shade of cream blush on the apples of the cheeks. Now go all over that with gentle strokes of a light coverage BB cream, so that the skin (and even your cute little freckles) shine through. I love YSL BB Cream, it adapts to your skintone and evens it out beautifully, so you can feel chic and sophisticated without the heavy coverage.

We're going for a more summerish, bronzy look here. I applied Laura Mercier bronzer where I already contoured before, and swiped a bit also over the nose to give our model that natural, sunkissed look.


Using a tiny bit of silicon-based primer on the eyelid will make all the other products stick on better. I applied silvery gray liquid eyeliner on the upper lid and blended it with downwards strokes all over the lid.
This technique is extremely useful when you don't want to make a mess and take the product over the crease. Makeup for hooded eyes can be tricky in that regard – always go up just to the crease, not over it, to balance out the eye structure.
Now go over the blended eyeliner with some eyeshadow in a similar shade. The creamy texture of the eyeliner will maximize the staying power of the eyeshadow, which is crucial for hooded eyes, since the product tends to slide around during the day due to oiliness of the lids.
Fill in the brows with a warm-toned shade, which will make the face look fresher, and apply a few coats of mascara.


With aging, the lips tend to get thinner, so a lip pencil is a must. Use a natural pinky brown shade and apply it slightly over the edge of the lips to make them look fuller. By using lip pencil, the lipgloss or lipstick also won't bleed over and you won't have to check for that in the mirror throughout the day.