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Have a ”baby face” and want to look older?

A lot of girls and grown-up girls ask us how to do full-on glam night-out looks on deep-set eyes, especially with eyeliner. Because this eye shape is often also hooded at the same time, it seems like a cat flick is out of the question – but there is a way around this obstacle that gets you that perfect flick.

Primer is a must

This goes for any eye shape – when you're working with lots of eyeshadow, apply an eyeshadow primer over your entire lid, and set it with a nude shadow or translucent powder. That way your eyeshadow will stay in place all night (or day) and you won't have to worry about it melting off your face.

Pro-tip: Some concealers work really well as eye primers. Give this technique a shot if you want to reduce the amount of products you use.

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Cat-flick trick

Deep-set eyes are a beautiful shape to work with, and also fairly simple. For a more dramatic effect apply eyeliner as close to the lashline as possible and then flick it out. If the hood of your eye is covering up the liner, simply blend the product into the crease, creating a sort of a V-shape on the outer corner. It's best if you work with a kohl liner because it is more blendable and creamier than a liquid liner.

Gently cut the crease

If you want the effect of a cat-eye without an actual cat-flick, continue blending the liner into your crease. Gradually add eyeshadow and keep the product concentrated in the crease area. Try not to go too low on the lid – the best way to keep the pigment concentrated in the crease is to use a small brush first, then increase brush size and blend away.

Mimic an almond shape

If your eyes are rounder, you can easily make them more almond-shaped. Applying a liner in the waterline narrows down the mid space of the eye and makes the eye look more lifted, elongated and almond-shaped. Go for a brown or black liner.

Flawless base

For any night-out look, glowy complexion is almost a necessity. Once you've picked the right foundation for your skin type, you can start caking it up. Always work in thin layers, especially with liquids or creams. That way each layer you apply will have time to set and melt into your skin, which will make you look like a beautiful muffin instead of a cakey mess. Blend each layer well until you get the coverage you want, then set with just enough translucent powder to ensure your base doesn't slide off your face.

Get that angelic glow going

The "glow-from-within" look might look innocently effortless, but in fact, it requires 3 basic products and lots of blending. Blush, highlighter, contour. Apply in that order – blush first on the apples of your cheeks. To really bring out your eyes, pick a blush that compliments your eye colour. Brown eyes work well with cool-toned blushes since orange and blue are complementary colours. Check out the colour wheel to find your personal complimentary shade.

Highlighter comes second – apply on the highest part of your cheeks, if you're feeling wild you can even go in on the nose tip and Cupid's bow.

Contour comes last, and although it seems illogical that this is the last step, it's a super cool trick. In fact, by contouring last, you blend the blush, the highlighter, and the contour together, which truly takes your skin to another level. This is the trick to glowing from within like the goddess that you are.

As the last step, apply concealer to the under-eye area to delete those bags. Pick a shade that's slightly lighter than your foundation, or skin tone, and blend in layers as you would with foundation.

Bold brows

Eyebrows are often an overlooked part of real, non-Instagram make-up – but it's absolutely essential that you work on them. After all, they frame your face, and every pretty picture can be ruined by the wrong frame. Pick a shade slightly lighter than your natural hair and fill in the sparse areas. Go in with a light-hand first to outline the shape you want, then apply more pressure and product to the ends of your brows. That will give you natural yet bold brows.

Pro-tip: Use a pencil, pomade or an eyeshadow to fill out your eyebrows. Find out what works best for you and stick to it!

Lip tip

Don't be afraid of rocking a bold eye-look with and edgy lip colour. It's a common misconception that you can't have both bold eyes and lips at the same time. But pick the right shade of lipstick and you can completely ignore that "make-up rule".

Pro-tip: When picking your lipstick, always keep in mind your skin tone and undertone. If you've ever wondered why some red lipsticks work on you, and some just look wrong, your undertone is probably to blame.