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Here’s 50€, go buy makeup

It’s always good to see what other products makeup artists will choose, especially when they have a strict budget to stick to. Some of Anja’s favourite cosmetics would blow the budget instantly so it’s interesting to see how she selects alternatives that are less familiar to her. And, how her highly skilled-eye manages to pick out just the right shades to match her skin- even under the un-natural lighting in the store. Let’s get back to the studio and put these products to the test...

Step 1: Back to basics

As great as Anja’s makeup already looks we need to go back to a blank canvas so off with it all and we’ll get started.

First, we start with an application of Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer to the eyelids, going all the way up to the brows.
This is a waterproof product so it should hold in place well. We’ll add a small touch of concealer just below the eyes too.

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Step 2: The wonders of waterproof

Line the upper and lower lids with black pencil.
If it’s a waterproof one like the one we’re using here, blend it straight away or the product will dry quickly.
This Essence Pencil works great, in fact we’d say it’s awesome! It’s easy to blend and because it’s waterproof it will then hold in place once it’s dry.
Soften the lower eye liner by applying a light touch here too and again, blend quickly.

Step 3: Smoke it up

Smoke up those eyelids with this great shade of brown eyeshadow.
We’re also applying a hint of this to the lower lids.
We’re going to make the most out of the Maybelline eyeshadow palette Anja chose and add a touch of orange above the brown.
Take a light application right on up to the brows. You can experiment here like we did and try applying this to the lower eyelid, in our case it didn’t quite pan out as expected...

Next, we’re adding a touch of the ‘Sugar Coated’ shade only to the centre of the eyelid.
This colour complements the two other shades beautifully and will give just a touch of glitz without going too overboard. To finish off, take a lighter colour over the very top of the colours already applied. Use the brush in a windshield wiper motion, going from the inner corner of the eye and sweep across to the end of the brow to give a perfect gradient effect.

Pro tip: If you’re a bit of a mucky pup when it comes to applying eyeshadow so it drops all over the cheeks, then just wrap a soft cotton cloth around your finger and gently brush the powder away.

We’re finishing off the eyes with Volume Hero Mascara. This product has large bristles and is slightly clumpy but it does apply well to both the upper and lower lashes.

Step 4: Expert at work

Bourjois Paris City Radiance foundation. Anja’s managed to find the perfect shade of foundation which is quite a challenge under the lights in the store. We’re applying a generous coverage to her whole face.

Pro tip: Expect the unexpected and always be prepared for power cuts! Dab over any blemishes with a small brush and then blend with your fingertip.


Step 5: Your brows, your choice

We’re keeping the natural shape here and just filling in some of the gaps in the eyebrows. Use the pencil to draw in the opposite direction to the growth, this will ensure you get right down to the skin and fill in the gaps more efficiently. This pencil is doing a great job and even has a handy little comb at the end which we’ll use to blend the colour well into the brows to give a more natural finish.

Catrice Contour Stick - We’re going to use this more than just the planned cheek area and give a few extra dabs around the upper forehead and jaw bone.
The slightly greyish brown shade of this stick makes for a pretty good finish, and also doesn’t pull off the foundation when we’re blending it in.

Pro tip: Dab a little shimmery powder to the upper cheek and cupid’s bow where it will bounce the light.



Although Anja may dream of a cosmetic’s budget ten times the amount we allowed her, we think she did a pretty awesome job of choosing products, all of which worked out great. Well done Anja, mission accomplished!

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Product list

  • Bourjois City Radiance foundation
  • Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer
  • Essence Long Lasting eye pencil
  • Essence Eyebrow Designer
  • Maybelline Lemonade Craze eyeshadow palette
  • Essence Volume Hero mascara
  • Catrice Triangle Artist contouring stick
  • Essence Color Up Shine On lipstick no. 11