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How to apply blush on a pointed chin

Blush can be applied in a bunch of different ways, depending on the shape of your face. Here are a few steps you can take to improve your blush technique if you have a pointed chin and a wide forehead.

Step 1: The basics (of base)

The idea behind base products is to apply the least amount and get the most out of it. Apply a minimal base of foundation and remember to work in thin layers, blending each one as you go. Build up the coverage only where you need it, then set.

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Once you’ve set your face, the fun can begin. If your face is narrower in the lower half and wider in the forehead area, you can balance it out by bringing attention to the center of your face. When you contour, blend the product from your ear lobe, around the cheekbone, then slightly upwards towards your nose. This is going to lift your face and shorten it ever so slightly.

Pro-tip: When you pick your products, consider your skin type. If your skin is on the dry side you can easily get away with cream products, which tend to look more natural. Oily skin works best with powder products, but don’t be afraid to try new things. Whatever you choose, always put cream products on first, then set them in place with powder.

Step 2: Let’s blush

With your base in place, it’s finally time to (do) blush. Again, we’re trying to bring all the attention to the center of the face. Blush should sit right between your highlight and contour, but bring it slightly more forward on your face than you’re used to. Giving yourself a light touch of blush in the center will take attention away from your pointed chin and/or wide forehead.

Pro-tip: Trust us on this one, pick a blush that complements your eye color or eye make-up. Blue eyes, for example, pop with orange-based blushes, while green eyes just can’t get enough of red cheeks.

Step 3: Take it up a notch

If you’re feeling a little bit extra you can even match your lipstick to the blush. We recommend picking a matte lip for a super clean look, but you can also go for a more hydrating sheen lipstick.

Line your lips with a liner that matches the lipstick. Lipliner is the easiest way to create more symmetrical lips, which will automatically draw attention to themselves (and away from the chin and forehead).

P. S.: To make your lips the star of the show, you can even outline them a little. Stick to your natural lip line on the outer parts of your lips, then overline slightly in the middle. That way your lips are going to look fuller, but still natural.