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How to contour a wide forehead

Current trends in contouring are all about strong features, lots of product and this-suits-everyone, crazy makeup tricks (like using a spoon to precisely contour your cheekbones, hah). It would do the makeup world good to just dial it down a bit and put the focus on each individual's features and what balances them out best. Downplaying a wide forehead is by no means a necessity for every makeup fan out there, but the tip below may very well prove useful to those who want to do it correctly.

One product, one brush

We're talking about a cream contouring product that blends easily and matches your undertone (warm or cool-pink) and a foundation brush to blend it all out properly. Ready?

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Move the hair out of your way on your forehead and swirl the brush in the product. Make a line on each side of the forehead down to the temples, copying the shape of the hairline; or in other words, apply the cream where the sun would naturally hit you. Apply also a thinner line of product along the top of the forehead, again, close to the hairline. Blend those lines in a circular motion into the hairline. Be careful to blend the inner edges well, so that the forehead will look naturally shaded.