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How to cover blemishes and look good

You have pimples, acne, or unclear skin. What's your first instinct when it comes to makeup? I bet you want to cake up the most full-coverage foundation you have in your collection to erase any sign of those little bastards. Prepare to have your mind blown, because this tutorial for blemish-prone skin will tell you to do just the opposite, with incredible result: throw away the heavy-duty foundation and focus on letting your skin breathe by using just a light BB cream and a special technique for concealer application.

Eye makeup (night out)

To create a wholesome look, we'll focus on the eyes first, so that the shimmer fallout won't interfere with our foundation application later. Pick up a simple blending brush and swirl it in a shimmery mauve eyeshadow. Apply it all over the lid (or just up to the hooded crease for hooded eyes).
To lift the eyes, use a shimmery white eyeshadow on the brow bone under the brows and blend the remaining product towards the inner corner under the brows.
Next, make a line just above the upper lash line with black gel eyeliner and a precise pointed brush. Finish with a flick at the outer corner.

Pro-tip: For a seamless eyeliner application, really push the eyeliner into the lashes, so that the skin between the lashes doesn't shine through.

By using a thicker flat brush and the same gel eyeliner, lightly smoke out the outer corner of the lower lash line.
Now just brush out the brows and fill in any bald spots.
Go over the lower and the upper lashes with a few coats of your favorite mascara and you're done with the eyes!

Natural-looking base

As always, prep your skin with your favorite moisturizer and/or primer before applying any makeup products (including BB creams). If your skin is oily, you might be able to get away by using just BB cream on bare skin, but in that case buy quality stuff with good ingredients, so your skin gets the care and love it deserves.

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You may think that a BB cream won't cover anything, being so light in texture and coverage, but the point of this step is to even out your skin tone before moving onto the concealing part. Alternatively, you could also use a light foundation if you don't have a BB cream in your arsenal yet. Gently swipe the BB cream over your face with a foundation brush. I repeat, be gentle with the strokes, so the blemishes don't get irritated.

Pro-tip: Clean your brushes and sponges regularly, meaning at least once a week, or ideally, after every use. Dirty brushes are source of bacteria that can (and will) cause acne if not washed off.

Now take a very precise, small, round brush and a high-coverage concealer. This step is crucial to achieve a lovely, naturally perfected skin. A pinpoint technique will be used here. This means that you only apply the concealer on the blemishes and seamlessly blend out the edges into the skin. The product on top of the blemish stays unblended, so that the redness stays effectively covered and doesn't seep through.

Making the foundation stay put is the next goal. A fan brush will work best, because it enables a gentle application of mattifying powder without causing irritation on the blemishes. An additional bonus is that you won't accidentally swipe off the concealer off the pimples, which can happen with bigger brushes. Apply the translucent mattifying powder lightly over the forehead, nose and chin. The end result is a naturally enhanced skin that doesn't look overdone.


This is again a job for the fan brush – the multitasker of today's tutorial. The jaw line and cheeks are often an especially blemish-prone area, which is why it's important to not irritate it further. The fan brush is gentle enough, so pick up some contouring powder and swipe it under the cheekbones for a little cheekbone definition. Use the same brush for blush application. Apply it on the apples on the cheeks with gentle swipes.

Killer lips

Since this is a night-out look, we'll go for a deep wine lipstick shade with a matte effect. As usual, line the lips with a lip liner in a similar dark shade, slightly overlining the middle part for that extra plumpness. Apply the lipstick and go have fun!

Products list


  • L'Oreal Gel Intenza black eyeliner
  • ZOEVA Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette
  • YSL All In One BB cream
  • Derma Color concealer
  • Misslyn Make It Last Forever pressed powder
  • Kevin Aucoin contouring powder
  • YSL Blush Volupte no. 6
  • Top Shop contour cream in shade Sweep
  • Revolution Ultra Contour palette
  • Laura Mercier Deep Wine lip pencil
  • Catrice Ultimate Matt lipstick in shade 050
  • Sleek eyebrow stick in shade 718 Dark
  • L'Oreal False Lash Superstar mascara