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How to even out uneven eyelids

A lot of you have been asking how to “fix” uneven eyes with make-up and, as always, we’re here to help you. By definition, people’s faces aren’t supposed to be symmetrical, so don’t worry too much about having uneven eyes or face - it’s only natural. Still, there’s a super simple technique that just might make you feel better.

Holy smokes!

When you’re trying to even out your eyes, it’s important that you don’t go for a look that requires too much symmetry - like a classic cat-eye look. Instead, opt for a kohl liner and apply it on the outer third of your upper lash line. Really work the product into the lashes - that way there will be no skin showing through, which will make your lashes look fuller and fabulously fluttery.

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Smoke out the liner by blending it into the shape you want it to be. If your eyes aren’t too hooded, you can even go for a smoked out cat-eye by blending the product slightly outwards. The key here is that you’re smoking everything out, which requires much less symmetry and patience than a proper cat eyeliner.


The idea is that you do less and get more out of it - smoked out liner is so much easier and quicker to do than a proper cat-eye, but it works much better on uneven eyes. Give this technique a try and let us know how it goes.

Starry eyes

If your eyes are deep-set and protruding at the same time, it’s a good idea to apply shimmer in the middle of your eyelid. This will bring the eye forward and create a more balanced and dimensional look, drawing attention away from the unevenness.

Pro-tip: If you’re really into glitter or you just want to shine, apply a cream-based glittery eyeshadow first as a base, then set it with a pressed eyeshadow or pigment. Golds tend to be neutral and work with most skin tones and eye colours, so if you’re unsure about what to use, go for gold.


Flawlessly fresh face

Unless you have a baby face, you probably want to look younger. Using the right products is key when you want your skin to look healthy and glowy, so choose your products carefully and pay attention to the ingredients. Foundation is something most of the world struggles with because there are so many things to take into consideration when deciding on “the one”. So how do you do it?

Determine your skin type

You might have an oily, dry or mixed skin type. Oily skin works well with more drying products (especially under-eye concealers and mattifying primers), while dry skin is likely to reject those same products. With dry skin go for more moisturising products (like a moisturizing primer and a concealer that isn’t too heavy). If you have mixed skin, find a combination of products that works for you. But whatever your skin type, never skip the moisturizer!

If you have any specific skin issues, like acne, acne scarring or rosacea, you can address them with skincare. The redness can also be dealt with by applying a green concealer before foundation to even out your skin tone.

Determine your skin undertone

This can go two ways - you either have a warm or a cool undertone. Look at the veins on your inner wrist in natural light - if they’re more blue or purple, you likely have a cool undertone, if they’re green, you’re probably warm. If they’re neither blue nor green, you may also have a neutral undertone - which means almost everything works for you! Looking at your veins isn’t the only way to determine your skin tone, so it might not be completely right. That’s why you should ask for testers in store and try out your foundation in real life. You’ll be able to see whether it’s a good colour match for you, if it oxidizes or turns orange, etc.

Pro-tip: If you have trouble applying your foundation - maybe it ends up looking cakey or it flakes off - consider changing up your skin care products. Always remember that a flawless complexion starts with skincare.

Soft and shiny lips

The trend of bold, precisely defined lips isn’t going to leave us alone, but sometimes you just need a break. For a daily, soft look, pick a nude lipstick that fits your skin tone. Try to make the Cupid’s bow rounder - this will accentuate your lips just enough to draw attention, but won’t look over the top.

Pro-tip: These days it’s hard to avoid matte lipsticks, but it’s okay to still use normal lipstick with a bit of a sheen. That sheen will automatically make your lips plumper and bigger - no need to overline! Again, do less to get more.