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How to even out uneven lips

A lot of women have a hard time making their lips look even, often because one lip is larger than the other. This has led to the ever-popular trend of overlining the lips, which tends to give you that overdone unnatural lip look. If you want to know how to do it like a pro, stick around!

Edge of glory / Slay your edges

Overlining lips can quickly go wrong, especially in the initial step - lipliner. It is suuuper important that you get the placement of lipliner right. If your lips are uneven, take time to plan out your lipliner before going in with your favourite lipstick. But how exactly do you do that?

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First, look at your lips in natural light. There should be a white edge around your lips, which tells you where your natural lip line is.
Follow your natural lip line on the lower lip, especially if your lower lip is larger. Focus the product on the inside rim of the natural lip line. And leave a little bit of space on the outside corner of the lower lip - this will help your lips look poutier and fuller.The upper lip requires a bit more work and practice, but once you get it right, we guarantee you’ll be impressed. Stick to your natural lip line in the midsection of your upper lip and avoid overlining. The overlining starts on the outer corners of your upper lip - make the lipline more curved and balance it out looking at your lower lip.
This technique may take some time at first, but once you know exactly where your lines should be, you’ll be done in a minute.

Pro-tip: Lipliners usually have a more waxy texture, which is why they are the perfect pick when you want lipstick to stay in place. If you’re using a lipstick with a sheen, or even a gloss, lipliner will prevent the product from bleeding and smearing.

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Colour/paint inside the lines

There are two things you need to know about lipstick and overlining. Whenever you overline your lips, it’s best to apply a matte lipstick on top.
Lipsticks with a sheen don’t work well with the overlining technique because they bounce the light off the natural lip edge. Matte lipsticks do quite the opposite - they make your lips look flatter, but fuller at the same time. This will give your overlined lips a more natural and believably fuller lip look.

Shine bright

To make the look even more believable, you can bring more light into the center of your pout. Apply an eyeshadow with a slight sheen only to the center of your lips.
This will create a distraction and draw attention away from the edges. An added bonus - your lips will look even fuller.

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