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How to handle deep set, yet prominent eyes?

Even though it sounds a bit contradictory, your eyes can in fact be both – deep set and prominent. The best part is that this is the optimal eye shape to show off colorful makeup looks. Since the surface of the lids is a bit wider and the lids are more protruding, the colors are visible even when the eyes are open – what an advantage, don't you think? Below you'll find the video and the step-by-step tutorial. Go check it out!

Triangle technique

Prep the lids by applying a brightening concealer and set it with a nude compact powder.
Swirl a slightly pointy, round brush in an electric violet shade of eyeshadow. Apply it right above the upper lash line, starting somewhere close to the middle of the lid and finishing with a soft flick where the crease begins.
With a classic deep set eyes technique – the butterfly wing technique – you would start blending the color up into the crease at this point, creating a sort of C shape. But when doing the triangle technique, you extend that flick a tiny bit more, just over the crease in the outer corner. This could already be a full eye makeup look, and it would look great. It's a perfect look for all eye shapes. But why not take it up a notch while we're at it and make the eyes seem (even) more almond-shaped?

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Summer sunset

Apply the same violet eyeshadow also along the outer third of the lower lash line. If your eyes are downturned, don't take the color too far towards the middle, because the eyes will look droopier. Stick to the outer quarter of the lower lash line instead.
With a flat brush, pick up a bit of toasted brown shade and blend it into the violet shade on the upper lid, staying close to the lash line and focusing on the middle third of the upper lid.
To tie up this magnificent, yet simple creation, go in with a pastel orange and frame the inner third of the eye both on the upper and lower lid. The transition between different shades should be softly blended, of course.
Fill in the eyebrows with a powder product a shade lighter than your natural brow color. Using powder instead of pencil works especially well if your brow hairs are thicker, because the powder product doesn't stick to longer hairs. A few coats of your favorite mascara and you're done with the eyes!

Healthy glow

Glowing from within is an up-and-coming technique in the makeup world (and you don't have to become pregnant to achieve it!). The best part is that the end result looks far more natural in the daylight than the infamous Kardashian-style contouring, which makes it also more office-appropriate. The secret lies in using cream products, more specifically, a cream contouring product and a cream blush. You apply them before the foundation, which might seem illogical, but works like a charm.

Start contouring the top of the forehead and push the product really well into the hairline with a flat foundation brush, blending as you go. You can also contour your cheekbones like that. Don't be afraid if the contour looks muddy at this point, you will go over it with foundation anyway. Apply the cream blush in a peachy shade (complimentary to the eyes) on the apples of the cheeks. You can blend it in with a tapping motion of your fingers.

Next comes the foundation in a shade that suits your coloring. With a (clean) flat foundation brush, gently swipe it over your face, including the parts where you applied contour or blush. That's it, you are now glowing from within!

As for the last step in this look: Line the lips with a lip liner in a rosy shade and apply a matte, muted pink lipstick. Voilà!