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How to recognize upturned eyes

Are my eyes downturned or upturned? We get this question a lot , so we've created a handy little tutorial on how to determine your eye shape. At the end, we've also included an extremely useful trick that will show you which makeup technique NOT to use if your eyes are downturned.

The approach: The straight line

The quickest way to determine your eye shape is to imagine a horizontal line going across both of your (makeup-free) eyes. If your imagination fails you, you can use a long ruler to help you see the horizontal line or, with a more creative approach, tape a string straight across the mirror at eye level. With the line in mind, turn your attention to the inner and outer corners of your eyes.

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Your eyes are upturned if the outer corner of the eye is higher than the horizontal line, or higher than the inner corner of your eyes.

If you need a real-life example, our model in the video tutorial has obviously upturned eyes.
Honestly speaking, girls with upturned eyes have more diverse options as far as makeup is concerned, simply because this eye shape can handle heavier makeup and larger amounts of it as well. Such eye shape manages to give your face a natural lift, making it bubblier as it is.

Your eyes are downturned if the outer corner of the eye falls lower than the imagined horizontal line across your eyes, or lower than the inner corner of your eyes.

Slanted downwards at the outer corner, downturned eyes have a droopy effect that can make you look older or sad, especially if makeup is used incorrectly. However, that does not mean that girls with downturned eyes can't have beautiful eye makeup as well! We've certainly proved that with our past tutorials on models with such eye shape, just check our YouTube channel and website.

But even girls with upturned eyes have to be careful about this feature of theirs…

The tricky part: The shape of your lower lid

You might find that even though you've determined that you have upturned eyes using the approach above, you can't really work the eye makeup on the lower lid. It makes you look sad or older than you would want to appear. The problem lies in the shape of your lower lid.

If your lower lid has a downturned curve at the middle part, putting makeup on it will most likely make you look like a sad puppy, much like it would if you actually had downturned eyes.

If you haven't checked this part yet, simply apply a dark eyeshadow on both eyes close to the lower lash line, from the outer to the inner corner, with a flat brush.
Do you look like a sad puppy? If the answer is yes, then it's best that you follow makeup advice intended for downturned eyes, as it will help you elevate your look in the best possible way.

With so many makeup tutorials all over the internet, good and bad, knowing your features and what looks good on you is definitely an advantage. Follow our blog and YouTube channel as we will explain other face features in depth as well!