/ deep set eyes

Just the opposite of what they’d usually teach you

Crushing the rules and making the absolute no no's work is what this tutorial is all about. Never underestimate the importance of having fun, so as a challenge to yourself spice up the makeup for your deep-set eyes.


There's nothing better for dry skin than baby butt cream. If you haven't tried it before, you can thank me when you do. The makeup will glide on effortlessly afterwards and you won't have to worry about foundation caking on those pesky dry patches and peach fuzz. Now let's get on with our makeup look!

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Apply some cream contour product on top of the forehead and under the cheekbones. You don't have to use a lot, but make sure to blend it all out, especially into the hairline. Since this is »contouring from within«, the next step is to apply foundation of your choice all over your face, including the contour you just did. Say hello to naturally enhanced cheekbones – or so everyone will think, ha! To address the title of our tutorial here, we’re going to continue with advice most makeup gurus will avoid like the plague, because it's not what they teach in makeup school and it doesn't work for every eye shape or skin tone. But you know what? Makeup doesn't have to be »corrective« all the time, makeup should be fun! If you feel good wearing non-complimentary colors on your face – fine! If you feel like wearing a vampy lipstick during daytime – also fine! Makeup is something you're supposed to enjoy, not stress about.


Start the eye makeup by lining the upper and lower lid with black kohl pencil and blend the line on the upper lid with downward strokes.
You may already know that by applying black all over the lid, this visually pushes the eyes back, which isn't really advisable for eyes that are already very deep set. And yet you can see many girls wearing similar makeup looks and looking fine as hell. The key is in the eye shape; almond-shaped (upturned) eyes can make this work without a problem, even if their eyes are deep set. Apply blue eyeshadow all over the upper lid and lower lid – again, this would be frowned upon in makeup school, because blue eyeshadow makes blue eye color less intense.The trick is to apply a thick coat of mascara on the lower and upper lashes after that, so the blue of the eyes is nicely framed and defined.
Fill in the eyebrows with warm-toned brown eyeshadow. This makes a cool skin tone (like our model's) and cool-toned eye makeup look warmer altogether.
For the same reason, brush some bronzer over the parts you previously contoured with the cream contouring product.


Since the eyes are dark, you would probably go with a nude lipstick, if it was up to you, am I right? This is what they teach in most makeup tutorials, anyway. But not today! Rule-crushing continues with the lips. Line the lips with berry- or wine-colored lip pencil. Follow this with a similar, vampy shade of moisturizing lipstick.