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Kaya Solo does her makeup

Youtuber Kaya Solo’s ever-changing appearance is awesome and today she’s agreed to share with us her routine for regular makeup, nothing too over the top.

Step 1: Foundation first

Foundation on first, Catrice All Matt plus. She uses a beauty blender rather than her fingertips but tells us this if for no specific reason. Once that’s on evenly, a light dap of powder is applied with a soft brush.

NYX Love Contours next, around the cheekbones, up around the hairline and the sides of the nose. Not too much and all applied with the same brush, well done!

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Still using the same palette and her favourite little brush, she takes a dark shade and applies it over her eyebrows, again, not too heavy, she’s not after ‘Instagram eyebrows’ today.

Step 2: Transform those eyes

Primer across the eyes next, we’ve advised her to go easy with this until she’s had time to get used to it (we had a bad experience with it once). With that blended in well the eyeshadows can go on next. First she uses a light orange shade and takes it all over the eyelid and almost up to the eyebrows.
Next comes a darker shade that goes over the whole lid,
and then an even darker shade which she brings down lower and slightly under the lower lashes.
A gorgeous, bright gold goes on next, dabbed on with her fingertip, right into the corners.

Step 3: Wow

Now comes the eyeliner. Kaya applies the liner across her eyelids and finishes with an exaggerated cat-flick.
Then, with an impressively steady hand, she draws a lower point down from the corners of the eyes, and the whole of it together looks awesome.

Mascara next, and with a big fat chubby wand she applies it to her upper lashes, then switches to a different brand for the lower lashes.
Highlighter is applied with a large brush to the upper cheekbones, then a smaller brush to do the finer points around the nose.

The final finish is with an orange-brown shade of lipstick that perfectly compliments her eyes.

Kaya has some quirky methods and we always love discovering girls’ different techniques and habits. It’s been great to watch the transformation, thank you Kaya, the finished look is awesome.

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