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Let's embrace bright makeup!

In this hectic era where everyone is constantly in a hurry, it’s easy to get lost in monotonous and repetitive routines. We’re here to help you add a little colour to your daily routine and make your days a little bit less black and white.

Here’s a fun, quick and bright look to inspire you to spice up your daily routine.

Step 1: Creams under Powders

Start with a cream-based eyeshadow in the colour of your choice. Pastel shades are a good option if you want the look to be subtle and edgy at the same time. Because pastels are basically a middle ground between neons and neutrals, they are super wearable and easy to incorporate into any look. Give them a try!

Build up the cream eyeshadow until you get the colour pay-off you like, then set it all with a matching powder eyeshadow.

Pro-tip: Creams under powders is a well-known make-up “rule” that just works. Setting a cream eyeshadow with a powder prevents creasing, makes the pigment way more intense and locks the product in place. The same idea works with foundation, and even lipstick!

Step 2: Complementary Shades

When you play around with colours, it’s a good idea to know the basics of colour theory. Complementary colours are colours that sit opposite each other in the colour wheel.

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When they are mixed together, they cancel each other out, which works well in corrective make-up, or colour correction. Green cancels out red tones, orange/pink cancels out blue, etc. The idea here is that you create a blank canvas, so that you don’t have to use half a bottle of foundation to cover blemishes.

When complementary colours are put next to each other, they complement one another - hence the name. For example, a blue eyeshadow will look more intense next to an orange/pink blush. You can use this technique to make the colours on your face pop.

Pro-tip: If you’re trying to create a complementary eyeshadow look, be careful not to blend your colours together, as that will create a grey patchy mess. In short: blue + orange = grey. Weird, right?

Step 3: Make a Statement

Lipstick can be a statement piece of any make-up look, whether it’s bold or natural. To switch up your routine, go for a bright and colourful lipstick that usually scares you - we’re talking hot pinks, oranges and bright reds.

When you’re picking your shade, keep your skin undertone and eyeshadow colour in mind. The point of a lipstick is to finish off the look and make it look as cohesive as possible.

Apply lipliner first to give yourself an outline (and less room for error), then go over with your lipstick of choice. Now go out into the world and enjoy your new-found colourful confidence. :)

Products list


  • Superstar Aqua face and body paint no. 109
  • Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation serum
  • Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer in Beige
  • Top Shop contour cream in Sweep
  • YSL Blush Volupte no. 4
  • Shu Uemura eyebrow stick
  • Kiko Milano lip pencil no. 708
  • YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipstick no. 50
  • L'Oreal False Lash Superstar mascara