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Lifting downturned eyes with an eyeliner

It’s a common misconception that applying a heavy eyeliner will help lift downturned eyes. However, if the liner is too thick it can actually do the opposite and pull the eyes down further. In this tutorial we look at how to use the natural eye shape to lift those eyelids and give the appearance of a more almond shape

Where’s your droop at?

There’s two types of downturned eyes, they’ll either turn down from lower lid or from a droopy or hooded upper eyelid. The most important thing to remember when applying eyeliner to downturned eyes is the thickness of the line, getting this wrong will either make or break your finished look.

Go big or go home

Making the line thicker in the central part of the eyelid is a common mistake that’s made when trying to lift or widen downturned eyes. In actual fact, most of the time this will make the lid appear heavier. If the eyelid droops over and covers some of the eyeliner then it will just pull the eye down even further. Sweeping the line up at the outer corner will not remedy this, as the smile crease may break the line.

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Less is more

Making a thinner line at the outer part of the eye will give the illusion of wider eye. Follow the natural eye shape but be careful not to take the liner too far because even the prettiest of smiles will break it. A broken line will immediately destroy the illusion of ‘lift’ and bring the eyelid crashing down again… and that’s your look ruined.

Short and sweet

Before you apply the eyeliner, look at how the eyelids sit in their natural position, then carefully draw the line and follow the eye shape. Keep the flick short to avoid the line being broken. This shorter flick will remain in visible throughout a smile, therefore keeping the lift alive.

Product used:

  • Urban Decay Razor Sharp eyeliner in Chaos (Don't like it, because it peels off the skin.)