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Makeup Do's And Dont's For Prominent Eyes With Nika Erčulj

I am so happy that I was able to host the amazing young Youtuber Nika Erčulj in my studio once again! This time I tackled the makeup struggle of women with prominent eyes - the eyeliner application. There's a reason why you're often left with black smears all over your lid, and I've got a neat little trick up my sleeve that will show you how to avoid it.

DON'T.... do the traditional cat-eye flick!

Nika has prominent i.e. protruding, slightly hooded eyes, which is visible as the crease goes slightly over the edge of an eye. The crease is where I would normally apply the eyeliner to create the cat eye flick and this is also the technique you see in most makeup tutorials. Easy peasy, some would think, except that it's not – especially for hooded or deep set eyes. If you're one of the girls burning through their Q-tip supply by trying to correct the smears on their lids, then read on!

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DO... create a flick up to the crease (but not over it!)

Set the eye area with loose powder first. This will make other products stick to the surface better. Use a dark kohl pencil and line the upper and lower lash line from the outer corner to the middle of the lid.
Be careful to only apply the pencil up to the crease and not over it, otherwise the flick will break and transfer onto the lid. Blend the flick with downwards strokes (towards the lashes) with a brush so as to create a slightly softer daytime look, and finish by blending outwards (towards the crease) to make the eyes more almond shaped. Apply black kohl pencil also in the outer parts of the upper and lower waterline.
To tie things together, choose a skin-toned dewy eyeshadow and blend it over the upper lid.
Then make the eyes pop with a complimentary color for your eyes. For Nika's cool-toned blue eyes I used a light cool-toned purple and applied it right under the lower lash line, on the outer edge.
Take a shimmery champagne eyeliner (not too glittery, unless you're going disco dancing later) and line the upper lash line.
It will give you the sparkle in the eyes that even three cups of coffee couldn't, I promise.
Apply foundation. Do your eyebrows if needed. Choose a mine-but-better color for the lip pencil and lipstick, so the lips are nicely defined but at the same time don't take the attention away from the eyes.

Contour according to your face features

Nika has rounder cheeks, so I countoured from the ear towards the nose, not towards the chin, to make her features more refined. Apply blush on the apples of the cheeks. A little highlight never hurt nobody, so lightly tap it on the top of the cheeks to give the face some healthy glow as a finishing touch.