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Makeup on downturned eyes

It's really easy to just give up on the eyeliner altogether when you find you can't make it work for your downturned eyes, believe me, I know the struggle. What if I let you in on a little secret – it's not that hard, nor is it complicated. For our readers with downturned eyes, here's a foolproof technique to (finally) step up your eyeliner game. There are three products you will need for a full eye makeup: a black kohl pencil, a light shimmery eyeshadow and your favorite mascara. Didn't I tell you it would be simple?

Step 1

Pack the shimmery eyeshadow on the upper lid and blend the edges. It's best if the color is a bit translucent, providing just the sparkle to lift the eyes.
To up the I-slept-10-hours effect, apply the same shade also along the inner third of the lower lid.
If you happen to have downturned eyes, keep in mind that heavy makeup and dark colors will only pull your eyes downwards even more, doing absolutely nothing in favor of balancing out your eye shape. Keep it light (application- and color-wise) and you can't miss.

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Step 2 (The basic eyeliner step)

With your eyes open, check where your crease (i.e. the tiny fold of skin) breaks in the outer corner. This is your mark for eyeliner flick, meaning it has to end right there, and not a bit higher or a bit lower. Make a little dot there with a sharpened, black kohl pencil. Continue downwards from that dot, lining the upper lid tightly along the upper lash line, but don't go too far.
A third or half of the lash line should suffice, and even then, the last millimeters of the line should be super thin. Definitely do not take the pencil all the way to the inner corner, as many tutorials teach you to do, because it's not flattering for downturned eyes.

Fill in the line so it's nice and crisp. With a small flat brush, blend the eyeliner with tiny strokes, keeping the original shape and basically just softening the look. It's especially important that the inner part of the eyeliner isn't completely black. Instead focus on creating a sort of gradient, blending the final (inner) part of the line into the lash line.

Step 3 (Intensifying the look – optional)

Even if you're going for a night-out look, you still don't have to pack on loads of dark eyeshadow to make it look more intense. Leave the eyeshadow just as it is, and intensify the eyeliner instead. Go over the smoked out eyeliner flick again with the same kohl pencil and make it look more black and sharp. It is worth mentioning that you should leave the gradient part of the liner as it is, so blended into the lash line, for best effect.

Color in the outer corner part and line just the outer quarter of the lower lash line, connecting the upper and the lower lid. This will make your eyes look nicely almond-shaped.
To make your eyes seem rounder, you could try elongating the lower pencil line up to the middle part of the lower lash line. You might find this suits you better, so definitely experiment a bit with your newfound knowledge.
Apply the mascara only on the upper lashes, concentrating more color on the outer half of the lashes.
Aaaand you're done!

Products list

  • YSL Dessin Du Regard black eye pencil
  • Dior 5 Coleurs eyeshadow palette no. 157 Magnify
  • L'Oreal Paradise Extatic mascara (Too clumpy for our taste.)