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Maša does her own makeup

Welcome everyone and to Maša who is joining us in the studio today. Maša has kindly agreed to demonstrate her own makeup routine. It’s always a privilege for us to observe how you girls apply your own makeup and even professionals makeup artists can still pick up some tips and tricks. Yes, you did hear that correctly, all techniques are tried and tested by ourselves which, as crazy as we might end up looking, it really helps with brush placement and for practice before we go to work your your lovely faces.

Step 1: A great start

Moisturiser first for Maša, good girl, we totally agree with this. Next up is Lancôme foundation which she always applies with her fingertips to give a quicker and less wasteful application than using a brush.

Concealer goes on to the four hot spots; under the eyes, between the eyebrows, chin and down the nose. These are the areas where the foundation is most likely to wear off first. Blend with a tapping motion, again Maša prefers using her fingertips rather than a brush. Over the forehead is more of a gentle dragging motion to help spread the product.

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Powder is applied next and this time a brush is used. A large brush for a lot of powder! This is more than we would generally use and Maša uses it to help the final blending between the foundation and the concealer but we have to say the end result looks flawless.

Step 2: Who needs contour?

Next up is the bronzer/blush/highlighter from the Mischief Minx eyeshadow palette, which Maša said was a firm favourite of hers. As this tutorial is a day wear makeup demonstration Maša isn’t contouring her cheeks, preferring to just use the bronzer to add some definition her face. This is also applied across the top of the forehead, close to the hairline, finishing with a quick fluff across the chin.

Step 3: “Where’s my eyebrows?”

Maša’s eyebrows are naturally quite fine but she favours the heavier look that’s popular right now. She’s using an Anastasia eyebrow pencil to thicken them and also extend them to make give a wider appearance.

Step 4: Now for some colour

As a base colour Maša applies a pale eyeshadow to the whole eye area. This will add a layer of protection to the main colours and help to stop them disappearing into the creases over a period of time.
Next, is the first colour which is applied to the follow the shape of the eye socket. Although Maša doesn’t have deep set eyes, this technique is more associated to that eye shape. But, it’s looking good so it’s always worth trying out different styles.
Now with a smaller brush a darker shade is applied to the outer edge of the eye, about half way across. And it’s interesting to see how Maša also applies a little of the same colour right into the corner, leaving just the central eyelid with the pale shade exposed. This is great technique and one used for a more prominent eye finish.
The last shade Maša applies is a bronze shimmer shade which she applies over the exposed pale shade on the central eyelid. She’s using her fingertip for this and just taps it on.
A lighter shade is then gently applied to the lower eyelid with a soft brush.
Mascara next, to the upper and lower lashes, and then a final touch of lipstick and Maša’s face is finished.
Now let’s see how the makeup fits with the accessories. We’ve chosen a cute pair of silver studs and a bolder pair of green feathered style earrings to match the jacket. Which style do you prefer?

Before & After


Product list


  • MAC Mischief Minx palette
  • ZOEVA Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette
  • Lancome Teint Miracle foundation no. 010
  • Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer in fair
  • The Balm Brow Pow in light brown
  • Anastasia BH Brow Wiz in taupe
  • Art Deco loose powder
  • L’Oreal False Lash Superstar mascara
  • NYX Soft Matte lip cream in Abu Dhabi