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Matching your makeup to suit your outfit

How to apply your makeup to suit your outfit? In today’s tutorial our model is wearing a fresh summery outfit. Instead of going heavy on the eyes, we’ve gone bold on the lips giving her an overall bright and cheerful hit of colour.

Step 1: Lock in the moisture!

Using a silicone based foundation will create a barrier that will lock moisture in the skin and won’t allow it to evaporate, which is essential during these hot summer months.

Step 2: Million dollar tip

A light coloured eyeshadow applied to the whole eye will lift downturned eyes. Lift the lid and apply a dark line with a brush, gently following the upper and lower lash lines.
This will enhance them into a more almond shape.

Step 3: Three is the magic number

Apply three dots of Touch Eclat on the most sunken part below the eye. Gently blend them into the skin by gently dabbing with your fingertip to give a smooth finish and remove any trace of tiredness.

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Step 4

Too much pink on the cheeks doesn’t compliment downturned eyes too well and can make you look tired. Opt for something lighter that will give a more natural look, then lightly contour below the cheek line.

Pro-tip: Focus on one thing, don’t go overboard on everything at one time; contouring, eyes, lips...


Step 5

As we’ve kept the eyes looking natural we can go big and bold with the lipstick. Here, we’ve chosen a stunning fuschia, topped off with a light hint of a brighter and more shimmering shade of pink. A bold and beautiful choice for daywear, but who said shimmer shades were just for the evening?

Pro-tip: Real life Photoshop - any small blemishes disappear with the help of a delicate but concentrated application of concealer.

Step 6

Drawing straighter, more angled lines when outlining the lips will give a fun and bubbly look which suits our model’s wavy hair and the floral colours in her outfit. On the lower lip the line can be drawn slightly inside to give rounder shape.

Before & After


Product list


  • Perricone MD foundation
  • YSL Touche Eclat
  • Dior 5 Coleurs 777 Exalt eyeshadow palette
  • ZAO Poudre Compacte 303
  • Sleek 716 light eyebrow pencil
  • YSL Blush Volupte no. 8
  • Kevin Aucoin contouring powder
  • Derma Color concealer
  • Laura Mercier Crushed Berry lip pencil
  • YSL Rouge Volupte Shine no. 50
  • L'Oreal False Lash Superstar mascara