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Natural look with fake eyelashes

Let’s talk about fake lashes today - they work really well with dramatic looks, but can you make them work if you’re wearing less heavy make-up? Let us show you how you can make it work.

Step 1: Tightline

If you’re into make-up, you might have heard of the term “tightlining”. If you’re not familiar with the technique, here’s the gist.

Apply a kohl liner on the outer third of your upper lash line. It’s completely okay to be a bit messy at this point - the main idea here is that you really work the product into your lashes, making sure that the skin in between them isn’t showing through.
This makes your own lashes thicker and fluffier, but it also serves as a base for the fake eyelashes. Liner will help cover up the strip of the lashes, which will make them look more real and, of course, natural.

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Pro-tip: Blend the applied kohl liner with a flat dense brush. Make sure the brush is reasonably small so that it doesn’t spread your product onto the lid too much. Keep it as close to the lash line as possible and blend in short inwards motions.


Step 2: Set the liner

This might seem like a weird idea, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Set your liner with a pinch of black eyeshadow to really intensify the look. Making the lash line dark is crucial if you want your fake lashes to look natural later on, so adding black eyeshadow is a good idea because it adds some pigment and intensifies the lash line.

Pro-tip: The easiest way to really work the product into your lash line is to slightly lift the lid. When you pull the lid slightly upwards, you can easily reach the skin between your lashes and apply product right where you need it.


Step 3: Glam it up… a bit

We’re doing a simple natural look, but a bit of glitter is never a bad idea. Since fake lashes can make the eye look heavy, it’s important to lighten them up a bit. Apply a shade that has a metallic sheen to it to bring back some light to the middle of your eyelid. This will bring the eyes forward and make the lashes look less heavy.

Pro-tip: The shade you pick can be light or dark. Gold metallic shades can really elevate the look, but picking a darker shade can work just as well. Go for a darker metallic shade and create a soft daily smokey look.


Step 4: Take your time

Most natural looks actually take a bit of time, and this one is no different. Instead of regular strip lashes, go for individual lashes that aren’t as heavy on the eye. They do take some time to apply, but the result is definitely much more natural than it would be with strip lashes.
Apply each lash a few millimeters away from each other to get that fluttery feel in the lashes. You can only apply about 10 individual lashes and the look is going to work — just make sure to blend your fake and real lashes together with some mascara.

Pro-tip: Anything that involves tears or sweat — think weddings or festivals — is going to be a problem for strip lashes. Individual lashes fall off individually, which helps your make-up look intact for much longer.

Step 5: Keep it light

Even though you’re wearing fake lashes, we want the rest of the look to be as natural as possible. Keep your face make-up light by applying your products in thin layers.

Start with a drop of foundation and don’t be afraid to let your skin show through. That way your make-up will wear off in a much more unnoticeable way, which makes this technique ideal for summer. To lift the eyes even more, apply a few dots of concealer under the eyes and blend it in with your fingers.

Finish off with a light sweep of highlighter, contour and blush — in that order — and you’re ready to go.

Pro-tip: During summer it’s best to use a lip balm with SPF in it, but you can also go for a hydrating lipstick with a slight sheen. This will plump up your lips without overlining and finish off the natural look you’re going for.


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Product list


  • ZAO Poudre Compacte no. 303
  • Lancome Le Crayon Kohl in black
  • ZOEVA Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette
  • Catrice single eyelashes
  • YSL Touche Eclat no. 2.5
  • YSL Blush Volupte no. 8
  • Top Shop Contoure Cream in Sweep
  • YSL Dessin Des Sourcils no. 3
  • MAC Whirl lip pencil
  • YSL lipstick no. 66
  • L'Oreal Flase Lash X Fiber mascara