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New Year's makeup look

»It's the most wonderful time of the year...«, when the makeup is daring, colorful and sparkly just like today's tutorial. We'll show you how to create a New Year's night-out makeup look for hooded downturned eyes. Prepare the most sparkly, peacock-y eyeshadow palette you own – you're gonna need it!


Black kohl pencil is so versatile. You can use it as a softer version of eyeliner, blend it out for an effortless smokey eye look – or you can use it in this awesome trick for hooded eyes that prevents smudging and even makes the eyeshadow last longer.
For downturned eyes, the best way to lift them up a bit is to create a cat-eye flick. However, on hooded eyes even the most precise of flicks won't survive for long before they smudge in the outer corner. Solution? You can either avoid extending the flick up to the crease or, for a night-out look, blacken the whole lid up to the crease, as shown in the illustration.
This will effectively mask where the crease ends, and you won't have to worry about your black eyeliner transferring into the crease, because the crease will be black anyway. The next step is to create a fake flick a bit higher up, almost like a cut crease technique. Then fill in the blank space with kohl pencil to connect the flick and the blackened lid properly. Now blend away. (Don't forget to do it with downwards strokes, so that you'll avoid the mess.) To link the upper and lower lid, line the outer third of the lower lid with the same kohl pencil.
Pick a transition shade, like this brownish-orange from ZOEVA Cocoa palette, and a soft blending brush. Blend the shade directly into the crease to soften the stark blackness of the lid.
Now we’re coming to the fun part! Buttery Dior eyeshadows in these two peacock-y shades of blue are a dream to work with. Apply a lighter shade in the center of the upper lid and use the darker one to accentuate the outer third of the lower lid. What a difference a little bit of color makes!
Fill in the eyebrows lightly with a warm shade of brown and apply a few coats of mascara on the lower and upper lashes respectively.
As a finishing touch on the eyes, apply black waterproof pencil in the lower waterline.


Since the eyes are cool-toned, use a more warm-toned foundation to balance it out. Smooth it over your skin with foundation brush or tap it on with a wet makeup sponge – whichever tool you prefer. To create dimension on your face, some light contouring works wonders. Take a contouring powder (Kevin Aucoin's is a favorite) and apply it on top of your forehead and under the cheekbones, blending it nicely into the hairline as you go.

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Pro tip: For a more precise and natural-looking contour, don't use a big, fluffy brush. Opt for a smaller one, so that you'll have a better control over the application.

Complimentary color for blue is orange, so to make blue eyes and blue makeup really pop, choose a peachy shade of blush and swipe it over the apples of the cheeks. Apply a bit of moisturizing, brightening concealer under the eyes and blend it out with finger tips.


Go big or go home, we said, and chose a bright fuchsia shade of glossy lipstick. Start by lining the lips with a similar shade of lip pencil and then go over with the lipstick. The combination of in-your-face pink and the peacock blue is bound to keep the heads turning on New Year's Eve.


Products list


  • Lancome Kohl Pencil in black
  • ZOEVA Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette
  • Dior eyeshadow palette 357 Electrify
  • Misslyn powder blush Love You Peach And Every Day
  • Bourjois concealer Radiance Reveal in 02 beige
  • Kevin Aucoin contouring powder in medium
  • Catrice HD Liquid Coverage foundation in 030 sand beige
  • Bourjois Volume Reveal mascara in ultra black
  • YSL waterproof eye pencil in black
  • Kiko Milano Smart Lip pencil in 708
  • YSL Rouge Pur Coutur lipstick in number 19
  • Misslyn Perfect Match eyebrow set