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Easy Night Out Makeup For Young Mothers With Deep Set Eyes

I noticed that my female friends who have kids are not wearing makeup anymore. They lack time because the baby needs all their attention and there’s no going around that. However, it is also true that their skin usually changes after the baby, and they are confused, because what worked before doesn't work anymore.
Are you in the same boat? This tutorial will solve both these problems with one swipe of the brush (ok, a few swipes J). You may not be getting enough sleep as a young mother, but you can surely fake it till you make it – just use a few simple makeup tricks to conceal the signs of tiredness and you will look great for your night out. All done and ready to go in less than 15 minutes!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Tired skin = dehydrated skin = lackluster skin. How do we remedy that? Baby butt cream, of course! You probably have it lying around anyway, but you probably didn’t know how well this can work under makeup. It hydrates the skin and makes the foundation look better once applied. If it’s good for the baby, it’s good for your face.

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Counteract the redness

Sleepless nights result in redness around the eyes. So first you will need a green primer on the lids to neutralize the redness and prep the lids for makeup. I used YSL Neutralizer for this tutorial. If you have a lot of redness on your skin in general, use a yellow toned foundation. This will help the skin look fresh and will even everything out to create a smooth canvas. Be careful not to use some Oompa Loompa shade, though.

Sparkle in the eyes

To brighten up the eyes, apply a matte white eyeshadow all over the eyes and up to the brow. You can definitely substitute white eyeshadow for light-colored pressed powder, it will work the same.


Next, line the eyes with a dark brown eyeshadow in a triangle shape. This should make them look almost cat-shaped. Concentrate darker color on the outer part of the lids.



Follow this with a very light shimmery shade in the inner corner of the eyes, again in a triangle shape.


Use a volumizing mascara on the upper and lower lashes.


Apply nude (not white!) waterproof eye pencil on the lower waterline to get rid of the last traces of a tired young mamma.


To finish up the eyes, fill in the brows where needed.


Healthy-looking skin

Contour and apply a warm-toned blush of choice. Now swipe a few strokes of bronzer over the forehead and nose where the sun would naturally hit the skin for a healthy glow. This is an awesome trick for tired skin! Finally, conceal the under eye bags with moisturizing, light-reflecting concealer (YSL Touche Eclat is a winner in my books).

Red lipstick as a finishing touch

Line the lips with a matching pencil and apply a red lipstick. I would strongly recommend using a WARM shade of red here. It will brighten and warm up the skin tone, neutralize redness and erase tiredness off your face. Don’t use blue toned red as it will emphasize everything we tried to conceal in the first place.