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Deep set eyes are exactly what the name suggests, they are set farther under the brow bone, making the brow bone seem more prominent. What you want to do when you have an eye shape like that is to bring your eyes visually forward using something that reflects light. And here we have the easiest possible eye makeup look that works for such eye shape ñ using only a shimmery silver color on the lids.

The only step

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Since this is a monochromatic makeup tutorial, you will need one color only. How convenient is that! Prepare a shimmery silver eyeliner (and a silver eyeshadow if your eyeliner blends poorly like ours did in the video). Start applying the color on the upper lid, focusing the majority of the product on the lower half of the lid and then just blend it upwards over the upper half. Use your finger or a brush to blend, whatever you find works best with the chosen product. If the color isn't as intense as you would like, tap some silver eyeshadow over the blended eyeliner.
Line the inner third of the lower lid with the silver eyeliner. This will totally give you that sparkle in your eyes, making you look fresh and well-rested.
Apply mascara on the lower and upper eyelashes. If you have downturned eyes, ignore the lower lashes and just put mascara on the upper ones to avoid pulling your eyes downwards even more.
That's really it. No cat-eye flick, transition shades, countless brushes, etc. It doesn't have to be perfect or complicated to work.

Products list

  • Urban Decay Electric eyeshadow palette
  • Urban Decay Razor Sharp eyeliner in color Cuff
  • L'Oreal False Lash Superstar mascara