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Playful night out makeup with red hair

Beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Today we are joined by the lovely Jutra Zorec with her awesome red hair and we’re going to be dressing her with a funky night time style.

Step 1: Let’s start with the brows

Jutra is a little unsure about this eyebrow gadget that we have but has kindly allowed us to try it. You can use it in either direction to just lightly shave away the brows without the worry that they won’t grow back, which can happen with plucking. So we’re just going to take a little away to give more of an arch to her eyebrows.

Step 2: Combining colours

Jutra has deep set eyes that are also slightly prominent which means we get a lot of lid-space to play with. We’re starting with a base colour of greyish-pink which is a great way to start to define the eyes.
We’re taking it all the way up to the brows, normally a touch of white would be applied nearer the brows but because this is a neutral shade we can take it higher.
Using a small brush apply a fine line of a darker shade to the upper eyelid, take it halfway across the eye and just over the edge with a tiny flick. As these are cold shades they will contrast well with the warmer shades of her hair and clothes.
Combining colours is difficult and things can go wrong quickly. Jutra’s vibrant shade of red hair is our starting point, she’s wearing a bright shade of pink so we need to work with colours that will complement both of these and bring the whole look together.

Step 3: Jazz up those lower lashes

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Lower eyelashes aren’t nearly as popular as they should be. They are a little fiddly but the result is worth it. Glue them straight onto your own lashes to add a cheeky touch of funky-fun.

Step 4: A new product to try

This is a foundation first for us, Fenty Beauty - pop sensation Rihanna’s brand. It’s quite a wet product but it does absorb nice and quickly into the skin, this one is a perfect match for Jutra’s complexion and gives a flawless finish.

Step 5: Luscious lips

Jutra has perfectly symmetrical lips that are also full and rounded so we don’t need to exaggerate them at all.
We’re just going to apply a dark shade to cover her natural shape. As this is for funky, night-time make up we can go bold here which really complements her hair.

Step 6: Final touches

We’re going with a bit of contour next as we’re aiming for a bolder, more sculpted finish.
So with a large brush we’ll apply some touches across the forehead and also to the cheeks in a downward angle to the mouth, which will give more definition to the face.
A touch of blush can be applied over this using a large soft brush in a swirling motion.
Going back to the brows now, we’ll just fill in any gaps with our Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil. Apply with short strokes and don’t go too overboard here, we don’t want them to be too heavy.
Touche Éclat gives a lift to the area below the eyes and smoothes away any blemishes or dark patches. A swoop of black mascara to the upper lashes finishes the whole look and Jutra is ready to party.

Before & After


Product list


  • Fenty Beauty liquid foundation
  • MAC Burgundy Times Nine eyeshadow palette
  • YSL black eye pencil
  • Kiss Lash Couture lash extensions
  • YSL Blush Volupte no.2
  • Kevin Aucoin contouring powder in medium
  • Laura Mercier Crushed Berry lip pencil
  • Catrice Ultimate Matt lipstick no. 050
  • YSL Touche Eclat no. 2,5
  • Anastasia Brow Wiz in taupe
  • L'Oreal False Lash X Fibre mascara