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Playful warm autumn eyes & glowy skin

Autumn is in full-swing and with it comes to the excitement of warm shades in the makeup world. Even though autumn calls for darker vampy makeup looks, we're here to show you a daily, less dramatic version.


Get rid of the red

By far the most common skin problem for women is redness around the nose and on the cheeks. This is where colour theory comes in handy – complementary colours cancel each other out. So, if you want less redness in your face, apply a light layer of green corrector before your foundation.

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Light base

If you're going to wear your look throughout the day, it's always best to go for a foundation with a light texture. Work in thin layers, blending as you go. Apply more product only in the areas where you need more coverage (usually the middle of your face where the redness is). Set with a pinch of translucent powder.

Pro-tip: Apply bronzer as a contour for a softer daily look. If your inner drag queen hasn't awakened yet, give this trick a try.


"Don't be a drag, just be a queen."
Deep-set eyes are common and generally easy to work with, but sometimes it seems like natural looks don't work well enough on this type of eye shape. The trick is in putting the right products in the right places. Notice how your blending brush sits in the crease of your eye and glides along it almost naturally – use that to your advantage!

Look down into the mirror and place your brush first where you want most of the pigment to be. Start with a transition shade – a warm brown that matches the colours of the autumn leaves. Blend in a C-like motion until the transition looks natural. Blending the eyeshadow outwards will give you the soft version of a cat-eye, while keeping the shape round will make the look gentle and super natural (pun intended).

Pro-tip: If you want more definition, gradually apply darker and darker shades. At the same time, decrease the brush size – start with the biggest and fluffiest and end with a smaller detail brush.

Get a natural eyelift

Applying a white or nude eyeshadow right under your brow arch always lifts the eye effortlessly. So, if you're into eyelifts this is an affordable way to get one.

Brighten it up

When you're working with brighter eyeshadows, use a flat brush. Flat brushes are good at picking up the pigment from the pan, but also at getting the pigment to actually show up on your eyelid. For this look, apply a bright orange eyeshadow to the center and inner third of your lid.
This will make the look warmer and less pink. Blend the orange into the warm brown you applied in the crease earlier and build up the shadow until you get the colour pay-off you want. Finish it all off with an inner corner highlight – matte or shiny – and add some of that warm brown shade on the outer third of your lower lashline.
Blend well, slap on your mascara et voilà, you're done!


Pucker up

To really brighten up your face use a bright pink lipstick. Start with a pink lipliner and outline the shape of your lips. The waxy structure of lipliners helps the lipstick you put on top stay in place and not bleed. Apply a creamy lipstick on top for a natural vibe, or a matte lipstick for a cool girl vibe. Whatever floats your boat!