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Purple Eyeshadow That Won't Make You Look Ill

This tutorial is dedicated to one particular makeup myth, which is that the use of purple eyeshadow on the eyes makes you look ill. So is it true? Yes, yes it is. You might even look like you bumped into something, unless you follow a nifty little makeup trick I'm about to show you.

Purple + Orange

Start by lining the upper and lower lash line with black kohl pencil. Precision really doesn't matter much here, since you will blend out everything afterwards.

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Blending technique is very important – blend downwards, towards the lash-line, because we don't want to create a cat flick with upwards motion.
Pick a purple eyeshadow and just tap it over the upper lid. Tap and slightly drag each time – this is how the eyeshadow stays in place. Now onto the trick: no matter what your skin tone/color is, just blend an orange eyeshadow from the inner corner of the eyes and into the crease.
This will neutralize the cool tones of the purple and make you look, well, alive. You will basically create a small sunset on your lids.
Additionally, apply a light skin-toned eyeshadow on the brow bone to lift up the brows and use a nude pencil in the lower waterline.

Stronger contour

Some slightly stronger contouring works well with this look. Don't go full on Kardashian though, please, there's enough of them already. Using a cream contouring product (or a dark shade of concealer), shade the top of the forehead and under the cheekbones. Blend it out into the hairline. This is the so-called contouring from within, which gives depth to your face. Apply foundation all over your face with foundation brush. Go over the contour as well! Intensify the contour with some bronzing powder applied over the parts that have been contoured before with the cream product.

Dark lipstick

Fill in the eyebrows. You can make them more intense for a night out makeup look. Apply girly pink blush on the cheeks, which will create a nice contrast with the rest of the look. Accentuate the lips by drawing slightly over the edge with lip pencil in nude color and use a darker, brownish shade of lipstick as a finishing touch.