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Red eyeshadow on brown skin? Barbara shows how!

You’ve got a big night out coming up but you’re bored of your regular makeup. Never fear, help is at hand. Barbara created a great tutorial that will have you looking fabulous in no time!

Step 1: Let’s get this party started!

Start by applying foundation to the upper third of the the face, keep it nice and smooth. Next, add a creamy highlighter just below the brow bone to give them a lift. Use the same highlighter between the brows in a triangle shape to take it just over the top of the brows.

Pro tip: Cover with a translucent powder to hold everything in place and make the eyeshadow application easy.

Step 2: Cat eyes

Apply the chosen colour to the whole eyelids from lashes all the way to the crease.
We’re using a gorgeous burgundy here and taking it high before applying a lighter shade of pink from the crease all the way up to the brows.
Take a lighter shade again and apply it from the crease to the brows then to really enhance the cat-eye shape, use an even darker shade on the outer corners.

Step 3: How to "Wow!"

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Apply a liner to the outer corners, we’re using a black pencil here which we’ll apply with a brush.
We’ll then go over this with a liquid liner and draw a thinner line over the pencil line.
To add an extra special "Wow" to the eyes we’ve decided to add some false lashes. These will really make the eyes stand out and give them a spectacular party look. Finish they eyes by filling in any gaps in the brows with a pencil to give them more definition.

Step 4: Light and shade

Apply foundation to the rest of the face, once this is in place it’s time to shade the face. Gently apply to the cheeks, jaw and upper forehead. As great as foundation is at covering up any blemishes, it also hides many of the natural shadows of the face so this will help bring back the definition and bone structure.

Pro tip: Mix a little colour corrector into the foundation and apply a small amount beneath the eyes. This will help to give a more natural skin-tone finish.

Step 5: Tricks of the trade

Seal everything with a powder, as we did to the upper face. This will hold everything in place and helps to avoid any dreaded moist glowing.

Take a small amount of orange eyeshadow and apply just below the eyes to add a little contrast.
To enhance the cheeks apply a little blusher to the cheekbones. Don’t go too far or too far down, as this can have an aging effect.

Step 5: Final touches

For the final touch to the eyes, carefully apply mascara to make seamless join between the natural and false eyelashes.
A bright, shiny lipstick finishes this fabulous party look perfectly.

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Product list

  • Foundation: Makeup Designory YG3 and GY1
  • Highlight: Makeup Designory Yellow
  • Loose powder: Makeup Designory Desert
  • Eyeshadow: Makeup Designory Pomegranate, Pink Grapefruit, Firebrick and Cashmere, Makeup Factory Matte Eye Colors 2542
  • Kajal pencil: Essence 01 Black
  • Eyeliner: Essence Liquid Ink Waterproof
  • Adhesive: Duo Stripline Dark
  • Lashes: Essence 01 Single Lashes
  • Shading: Makeup Designory Shading 05
  • Corrector: Makeup Designory Blue Corrector Deep Brown
  • Blush: Makeup Designory Poppy
  • Mascara: Makeup Designory Waterproof
  • Lipstick: Essence Color Up! Shine On! 08