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Red eyeshadow on cool-toned skin

Winter is coming, and so is the red and dehydrated skin on our face. Whether you have a naturally pinky/rosy undertone or the freezing temperatures outside make you look like you do, this tutorial will show you how to make it work.


A good foundation is half the makeup look, so gently smooth it over moisturized skin to conceal any signs of redness and dehydration. Choose a foundation that you like and works well with your skin type. However, to effectively neutralize the redness, you may want to look among foundations with a yellow undertone – Catrice HD Liquid Foundation has a wide selection of such shades. Take a contouring powder, such as Kevin Aucoin's contouring powder in medium, and blend it into the hairline on your forehead. Apply it also under the cheekbones.

Pro-tip: Depending on your face shape, the direction in which the cheekbone contour goes will vary. A useful rule of thumb is that if the chin is narrow, don't pull the contour towards it. Instead, pull it towards the tip of your nose or towards the lips. Apply a rosy blush where your skin is the thinnest, i.e. where you would normally blush.

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For the eyes, we used ZOEVA Warm Spectrum eyeshadow palette. Starting with the dark, cool-toned red eyeshadow in the middle, create a butterfly wing shape in the outer corner of the eye. This is a classic, easy technique for deep set eyes since the brush naturally slides into the crease and you don't have to think about the precision as much. Take this shade also under the outer third of the lower lash line.
Now take a shimmery, red-toned eyeshadow and apply it all over the upper lid with a tap-and-drag motion to really pack on the color. Use the same shade also in the inner corner of the eye and along the lower lash line. The shimmer will bring the deep-set eyes forward and the red color will accentuate the green in the eyes.
Redness can often peek through the foundation, especially under the eyes, so take a yellow-toned moisturizing concealer (L'Oreal Perfect Match concealer works well for this) and apply it under the eyes with light taps of your fingers.
Mascara, be it black or brown, is crucial when using red-toned eyeshadow. It creates a sort of visual barrier between the red on the lids and your natural eye color, essentially defining the eye shape. For that little something extra, go in with a shimmery gold eyeliner, and create a thin line right along the upper lash line. To frame the face, fill in your natural shape of the eyebrows with a warm-toned eyebrow pencil.


Line the lips with a my-lips-but-better shade of lip pencil. Finish the look by applying a berry brown, cool-toned lipstick, such as Catrice Ultimate Matt lipstick in no. 050.
As you can see, both the eye and face makeup are cool-toned, but since our model's hair is warm-toned, the whole makeup look compliments her natural features beautifully. If you have a similar coloring, definitely recreate this look for a night out.

Products list


  • Catrice HD Liquid Coverage foundation in sand beige
  • Perricone MD No Bronzer Bronzer
  • Kevin Aucoin contouring powder in medium
  • Misslyn You Make Me Blush powder blush
  • ZOEVA Warm Spectrum eyeshadow palette
  • L'Oreal Perfect Match concealer in no. 4 beige
  • Kryolan highlighting palette
  • Maybelline Classic Volume Express mascara in black
  • She glitter eyeliner
  • Shu Uemura eyebrow pencil in medium
  • Kryolan contour pencil in no. 925
  • Catrice Ultimate Matt lipstick in no. 050